Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Something inside me dies...

MONDAY - dinner was at
10 Browning Street

Winner of Best New Hotel 2008
QHA Awards for Excellence

The ambience of the place is fantastic
Been here a couple of times
as its of extremely close promixity to my house

They have weekly specials
MON - $14.90 Ribs
TUE - $15 Steak
WED - $10 Pizza and Pasta
THUR - $14.90 Gourmet Burger

You don't need a reservation
as this place looks very expensive
Ya know what I mean..

Anyways I'm here today with my fellow Singaporeans

Very tasty
As much as I know its deep-fried frozen potato
Enjoyed it very much..

Here's our
700g of Prime Pork Ribs
USA style with smokey bbq sauce
Today's ribs were a bit disappointing, a bit over-done
The skin is charred already and not as tender as the previous visit
Probably today was a busier day
or a newbie noob chef prepared this
The previous ribs were so awesome!
And the portion size is really big, what we usually do is
Share 2 orders of ribs among 3 of us

Creamy Nicola Mash Potato

Buttered Asparagus

Good buy, Best buy, Must buy!
Return Factor: 120%

I finally found my perfect coffee
I'm only gonna buy this from now onwards
till I'm really sick and tired of it
Character: Smooth
Finish: Aromatic with Fruity notes

Not a "puff" at all! The after-taste is fantastic
Every mouth is an orgasm!
It beats the shit out of all other brands of instant coffee
Indubitably my new favourite
The downside is, it is significantly more expensive.
This 150g pack costs around the same as a 400g coffee
For the fantatics - Go get yours today, it will change your life!
(Above is my opinion, if it doesn't even give you an erection
Too bad! Maybe you are not destined to marry coffee!)

Have you heard the song
La Roux - Cover My Eyes
It always reminds me of KKK
and makes me kinda sad

You know sometimes when
something inside you dies
it never comes back to life..

3009EHR International Human Resource Management
A total bitch!

Went to Radio Station to do pre-recording
for 2 sessions of July's shows..

I think I am the Ferrymaster..


My lil script.. If you wanna find out how it materialises
Tune in on 04 July 2010 (Sunday)
10pm (Brisbane)
8pm (Singapore)
You can stream live at
if you are not in Brisbane

Post-recording lunch was at TUPPY'S
85 Deakin Street
Kangaroo Point

I find that I'm obliged to "stub-it-out"
in a proper bin - even in Brisbane

The staff were really friendly
as much as its just a small corner shop under Story Bridge

K810i (Regina's)

Vegetarian Burger


Tempura Fish & Chips

Battered Fish & Chips

Oh yea.. Fish & Chips costs less than 10 bucks with chips

Return Factor: Likely

Can you spot Richard-san?

Chocolate + Almond Cookies
Special thanks to Kellybestie and Keldameimei

Canned Garden Pea + Ham Soup
Taste rather awful.. T_T

Dinner was at Jay's

Winnie made chicken
Do you know that the oil/gravy that is under the chicken
after you cook it can be used to cook rice
and it'll very VERY VERY tasty?
Chicken Oil Rice - try it!

Miam miam..
What can I do without them?
I'll find out soon

I ordered ChaTime bubble tea delivery

The delivery girl came
used my laptop to play Facebook
made several phone calls with my iPhone
danced around the room, tried to perform kung-fu
made a lot of noise and left an article on my desktop that reads:

"Research the changes in the cash rate target set by the RBA from 2006. Use the theory of aggregate demand and supply to explain why the RBA may have decreased the target interest rate so dramatically at the end of 2008. Evaluate the success of the RBA’s policy."

Crap! I'm too busy studying
to complain to ChaTime today..
Nah.. Just kidding, kiddo came over to collect my photoshoot photos.

iPhone Updates

Gives me an additional reason NOT to sit at the bus stop
besides its intention to freeze my delicate butt
But seriously, I do know ppl who dun look before they sit
these people will clean it up for the rest of us

Model: 康少
Yes.. Taken by my lousy iPhone camera
What I'm trying to say is..
Do not belittle lousy camera
Plus you do not need a dSLR to produce good photos
Also, yes - I'm trying to say that my photos are good

Weihan and myself had another Doodle Battle
The theme was Lord of the Rings
You may vote for your favourite team (left or right) at the link below:

Below are some of our previous battles
that dated years back...

Street Fighter Doodle Battle

Occupational Doodle Battle

Xmas Doodle Battle

X-Men versus Fast Food Doodle Battle

All doodles were done on MSN Messenger


watch video here:

kellybestie: what would you do if u could change the world?
king ming: i would erase myself that i never existed. that would make the world a better place for everyone.. keep rollin' 2811


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