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Rollin' June 2010... 求虐

WARNING: This post is picture-intensive!
It may take some time to load
You may take a break while it does..
Go take a leak, wank, throw stones at your neighbours' pet etc

Grete's parents sent her some goodies from Norway
Lets see whats in the package...

Norwegian magazines, coffee, biscuits, candies, brown cheese,
post cards, photos, socks, necklace, board games etc

Studying for 3215HSL: Hospitality Service and Operations Management

My breakfast box today: Shortbread and Raspberry Biscuits

Consist of a Chicken Burger, Chicken Chunks, Fries, Mash Potatoes
Its pretty tasty and service by female Indian staff is excellent (Wintergarden)

Met up with Ivy after my paper to shoot sunset
but ended up shooting night shots.. Hur hur..
Cos I was late

Bumped into Randi and boyfriend
Danny/Denny or yea.. something like that

Brisbane City Library
Not to be confused with State Library
The most irritating part is - all the libraries uses a different card
So our wallets are filled with different fuctionality cards

Shared with Ivy some Long-exposure Techniques

Haven't got the chance to take
the Wheel of Brisbane as much as I already know
that its nothing near to impressive
after taking the Singapore Flyer

However I made an animated gif with the photos I took..
Check it out at the link below:

Tried the Tricycle Service?
Romantic unless they blast techno/hip hop music
Most of these "drivers" are young students
Very friendly and more importantly you can bargain your price
A round-trip along the river costs $5/pax
The last time Sarah L and myself took it,
we managed to bargain to $20 to West End =D

Korean students enjoying a
Riverside Heart-to-Heart Talk

Grill'd (South Bank)
167 Grey Street

They're pretty famous for their burgers
have outlets all over Australia
I like their contemporary design/theme
Check out their website at:

I was a fan of Jamie Oliver

Sometimes I dislocate my jaws cos the burgers are too massive

Short-haired female staff with glasses
gave us excellent service =)

They have these lil activity sheets for kids like myself
Keeps your kids busy while waiting with
Colouring, Fun Facts, Word Find,
Join the Dots, Spot the Difference, Mini Maze etc

After that we went back to see our housemates
By the way, Ivy moved out about a month ago
The house isn't chaotic now, just less organised

Nice VESPA Jacket
Yes, we're here at The Three Monkeys..

Chocolate Diane Cake
Very tasty =)

An awesome place to chill-out - anytime!

Went to pick Kelly up, while waiting we played
Street Fighter 3

We all got kicked in the ass by Kendrick

Pannel: Richard

Joining us today: 苹果




Tune in to us on Sundays 4EB FM98.1
8pm (Singapore)
10pm (Brisbane)
Stream live at
Those in Singapore don't be stupid
If you tune in to FM98.1, you'll probably get Power 98
=_=" I'll punch you in the groin if you tell me "don't have leh!"

After our Radio Show, we went to The Three Monkeys again
to meet up with the Griffith University Gold Coast people

Jun Sheng, Ian and Matthew Lao-Ban

Discussed some issues on Radio Show Collaboration

They queue never seem to cease
so its not amazing how they can afford to overstaff
Some say the cafe is blessed by all Buddha, African Totems
I say its Feng Shui - cos shopfronts near a cross junction
is bound to be affected by the flowing "qi"
They key is to make it look like its not part of the cross-junction

(Blue Skies and White Clouds)

I always find discarded socks and adult underwear
all over the place in Brisbane - so often
It makes you wonder where the other sock is
or whether the underwear has cum/semen-stains

Note: Please do not speak to the Driver when bus is in motion.

State Library
Not to be confused with City Library

Studying 2007PPP Legal Issues for Managers
or rather teaching Emma how to write ILACs
She's got ulcers from eating too much Spicy Hot Pots
As much as the weather is cold (7-8 degrees lately),
please refrain from eating too much spicy hot pots
If your ulcers last more than 14 days, go see a doctor,
you may have Oral Submucous Fibrosis!

Ice-cream trucks with the old school music

Cultural Center Busway

Commonwealth Bank Coffee - anyone?
Coffee dripped with Bank Notes ^^

Lunch was at AJISEN RAMEN
2/414 George Street

A lil about Ramen
It orginated from China 4,000 years ago as "捞面"
The Japanese took it home from China after WWII due to food shortages
and came out with their own taste and variations (typical of the Japanese)
such as the more popular Hokkaido Miso, Fukuoka Hakata and Kyushu Tonkotsu
You would already know all these if you frequent Tampopo or Ippudo
as its on their menu or mural
Ajisen uses the Tonkotsu style Ramen

I've been here a million times
So I don't think I have to talk about the restaurant much
If you're interested, please read older posts...

Cookies were served.. NOT
Its made by Kellybestie haha..

Hot Japanese Green Tea

Served by my favourite wait staff - Senna

Doesn't beat Ippudo
But still the best ramen in Brisbane (in my opinion)
while Ginga (South Bank) continued to suck

Pre-former Shoot at Kangaroo Point

Loads of Beautiful People

Its good to be young.. Indubitably..

More photos here

Lets take a look at my grocery shopping loot...

Uncle Toby's ROLL-UPS
As much as it sounds like a particular brand of diapers.. its not!
They are fruit bars made fun

At the back of it, you can play Spot-the-Difference

Each box comes in 6 bars
individually wrapped and packed

Its not too sweet
and has some graphics printed on the rolls for kids
I try not to eat it too often
as it gets stuck to my teeth very often

The usual - Pasta for Lazy People like Me

Breakfast Box: Arnott's Monte Carlos and Venetian Biscuits
I usually don't eat breakfasts, but to avoid gastric
I prepare boxes just to chew-some during my morning coffee + cigarette

How cool is that? I would love to work there!
I have a Vespa Dream.. Keep Rollin..

Today we're here at BRISBANE POWERHOUSE

No, its not St. James Powerhouse, you dumbass!
But similarly, it was vacated after the power station was derelict.

Its an arts and cultural hub located in New Farm
(further off Fortitude Valley) Northern bank of Brisbane River
It used to supply power for the tramway network
It was built in 1928 and refurbed for exhibitions
in 2007 for $3.5 million

Today we're here to look at the
05-27 June 2010
Free entry with works from 62 photographers
who emerged from 5,847 professionals from 128 countries
Nope, nothing from Singapore

Event is sponsored by Canon Australia, JC Decaux and The Courier-Mail

The exhibition contains images that may offend
so try not to bring your kids if they're below 15 years of age

You don't want them vomitting all over the floor
or paying for a shrink after the exhibition

The more brutal photographs are
inside the Turbine Rehearsal Room

You would have probably seen most of these famous works
if you're into photo-journalism or is a office-boy
who likes to forward emails

Very impressive and impactful photos of the Slaughter House,
Cocaine-abuse, Prostitution, Decapitation, Death Sentence,
People Stoned to Death, Islamic women suppression etc

The winner this year is Pietro Masturzo (Italy)

Listen to Jazz

The old generators

You can look at the photos on this Mac
and watch some videos by the photographers

Private Poetry - Trespassers Welcome

Reminds me of Hackshaw v Shaw (1984) 155 CLR 614
A farmer had been robbed on several occasions and decided to catch the thief. When he saw a trespasser drive onto his property and leave the car, he shot a number of bullets into the car hoping to disable it. Unfortunately, the thief's girlfriend was in the car and was injured. The defendent was liable to the girlfriend because he had not taken reasonable care to avoid harm to a visitor to his property.
Full story here:

Cool skateboarder practising his 360 flips
The tricky part is to scoop the tail
and flick the nose at the same time in one motion
You need to be good at scooping and ollie to do this

Kellybestie = definitely not Vanessa Torres

more photos here

Off to South Bank

We're here at Bamboo Basket
189 Grey Street

"Look! Its Spidey!"

The deco/ambience of this restaurant is fantastic
but the service doesn't justify
It doesn't look understaffed, but the floor manager looks panicky
and service is compromised

We played Musical Chairs for 10min before settling to one seat
Very disorganised tsk tsk tsk..

The menu is beautiful
but there're food stains, doggy ears and the bottom tattered and torn
Doesn't feel too pleasant to touch it

Very smart to include this in the menu
"Photos are for illustrative purposes only"

Ok, you get what I mean?
You don't feel very comfortable flipping the menu
especially if you have OCD like me
and there're no washing area nearby

They call it "Dim Sim" too!
Originally we call it Cantonese Dim Sum
Kinda like Spanish Tapas - small portion of snacks
Aussies call it Dim "Sims", I have no idea why and how
Maybe they don't wan their food to have any relation with Lydia Sum

The table setting however, is clean and neat

Wouldn't touch the beverage/wine menu for $5
Its sticky and stained!

The chinese characters reads 百宝笼
Reads "Bai Bao Long" meaning "a basket of hundred treasures"
Probaby just a Chinese brand, but Aussies do like these lil chinese characters
They're like novelty items

Ji Si Yun Tun La Mian
Noodles were good, soup average
Dumplings were so-so, chicken shreds were tasty
But it does reminds me of home

Cao Shou Gong La Mian with Vegetables
Kellybestie commented that the noodles were tasty
but the sweetcorn tasted awful

Food Quality: 7/10
Return Factor: Not Likely
Comments: Try their deep-fried ice-cream and pork belly

Next stop was My Sweetopia (South Bank)
The cupcake shop at 8/180 Grey Street
The main reason while I rarely patronise anymore
was from an awful service experience with the female Asian staff previously
I swore to never enter the shop if I see her at the counter
(read older posts)

This time it was a pleasant experience
I ordered a Latte with a Lemon Meringue
(recommended by the friendly staff)
and she forgot my order after a 10min wait in the blistering cold
For service recovery, she gave me 2 extra cupcakes and a chocolate
with a sincere apology - I felt pampered
Good job!

You see, it doesn't incur you any opportunity cost
for a big service recovery near closing hours
and doing customers lil favours going the extra mile
They return, bring more friends and spread good word-of-mouth
which is a very powerful form of viral marketing
Many businesses today fail to see that - its a shame.

By the way, I'm still pissed with the Asian staff.

Adrian's clearing out his room
He'll move out by 23 June (Wed)
Offering to let, a lil red Sports Car he found at work

Indoor Shoot at West End with Richard-san

Model: Faith Fei-Fei
Photography: Richard-san + KING MING
AD: Yen
Venue: Jay

Watch video here:

I like to take photos of people to
looks like dolls or robots
Faith is an awesome model
she posed as a robot for me =D

Canon Digital IXUS 95-IS 50mm f/1.8 II


See animated gif here:

More photos from the shoot here

Fortitude Valley
aka Chinatown

Dinner was at Koh-Ya
Japanese-Korean Restaurant
4/624 Ann Street

For a typical Japanese restaurant,
we were greeted with a warm welcome

Menu is lovely
Comes with nice photos and good description
Clean too!

We're here today for the Hot Pot Buffet
$20/pax for more than 4
90min per table


Miso and Sukiyaki Soup Base
Kinda like the 鸳鸯 (Yuan Yang) Hot Pot style

Shabu-shabu time!

You may order extra toppings and ingredients too
at affordable prices! =)

Lets take a look at the A'la Carte menu
You may want to try their Ox Tongue dishes

And of cos, Premium Wagyu Beef
which are relatively cheap also

A lil about Wagyuu Beef
It means cows that are breed to produce more oleaginous unsaturated fat (marbling)
which makes beef so-awesome, wagyuu beef also has better flavor, tenderness and juiciness
Australian Wagyuu cattles are grained-fed for the last 300-500days of production
The first 5 wagyuu cows to be exported from Japan are Michifuku, Haruki II, Suzutani, Rikitani and Okutani (foreign talents?)
How to identify a wagyuu beef?
You can authenticate them by observing the meat colour, fat colour, amount of marbling, rib fat measurement and carcase maturity.

Lovely ambience
and robotic staff

A great place for gatherings

iPhone Updates

I'm not sure if I've posted these before
But this is my exam hall - QSAC
aka ANZ Stadium


Zin and Amanuma

My exam essentials - Pen, Pencil, Liquid Paper (Correction Fluid), Calculator, Student Card, Bottle of Water

Granny's Portable Game

Netherlands v Japan

Current Standings (21 June 2010)
Group A: Uruguay, Mexico
Group B: Argentina
Group C: Slovenia
Group D: Ghana
Group E: Netherlands
Group F: Paraguay
Group G: Brazil
Group F: Chile, Switzerland

Next's match: Portugal v Korea DPR (Group G)
Players to look out for: Cristinao Ronaldo, Ricardo Carvalho, Hong Yong Jo, Ji Yun Nam

Such cute drugs for kids..

I'll show u why students get robbed
coming down the hill from my uni
Its a long long way down to the carpark

Forest walks where guerillas, terrorists and prostitutes can ambush you

Awesome view of the stadium though
if you can't afford the tickets to the game

QSAC - the most hated place for students from Griffith (NA)

Met up with Regina to fill up some Radio Forms

Also for dinner at AJ Vietnamese Noodle House
70 Charlotte Street
Mon-Sat 11-9pm

Wanton Noodles

Beef Pho

Delicious and affordable
However, you'll always walk out of the restaurant
smelling of oil and spices
Return Factor: Definitely

Siam Samran (West End)
1/79 Boundary Street

Beautiful Ambience
Horrible Service from Hell
Food is tasty, Price has been increasing
Value for Money - not quite
Return Factor: Maybe

Watching Germany v Serbia (0-1) with Kristin
Stupid Germany @$%^%#^$%^$


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