Sunday, June 27, 2010


After my EHR3009 iHRM paper
lunch was at CITY MALL INN (炳胜美食)
245 Albert Street

The restaurant is kinda like a food court concept
but there's only one vendor

The menu is like our 煮炒 (Stir-fried) style
So you'll see dishes like Sweet-and-Sour Pork with Rice, Mongolian Beef with Rice etc

The restaurant is not packed
Pretty clean and service is quite good
Opens 7 days from 9.30am to 10.30pm

Errmm.. that is a soup spoon

I had Chicken and Vegetables
Its pretty good! Cost less than $10
Return Factor: 9/10

Met up with Richard-san in the city
We're going to a picnic gathering today..

Check out the pink-hair!
Yep.. Its a COSPLAY Gathering in Brisbane City

The very famous KITTY (left)

Richard is pretty famous and popular in the community
He invited me to this event - THANK YOU RICHARD SAN!!!!

City Botanical Gardens
26 June 2010

The Cosplayers brought their food (mostly pastries and savouries)
They're really fun to watch
I think they are "happy-people"
very lively and vibrant

More importantly, the dedication in making the costumes

I would say its a CULTURE

And of course the event attracted a lot of photographers
Lots of dSLR and professional equipment
We are the people who choose gadgets over LVs and CHANELs

Find your favourite Anime/Managa/Game character here!

I think Cosplayers like to climb trees

Another famous photographer - U Gene

Photographers go all out!


Moe Moe~ Kyun♥

Face/Body Painting

Peter Pan Harem

Kiba bonding with Akamaru

More photos here:
[part 1]
[part 2]

56 Mollison Street

Its a Greek Tavern
so naturally - Mediterranean Cuisine
Expect lots of Olives, Cheese, Herbs , Pita Bread etc

Previously, we came here for coffee
The restaurant has a very nice little garden at the back
with lil scuptures - clean and welcoming

Service is excellent
We were served by a humourous male staff
(could be the owner)

Mykonos Salad (scallops with salad)
The seasoning is fantastic, however scallops taste a lil bland
Suggest that they are most likely frozen

Ivy ordered the Vegetarian Souvlaki

She said it was very tasty!

Return Factor:

153 Boundary Street

Its a small restaurant along the stretch
that serves Chinese-Vietnamese cuisine
The dining area is pretty clean with one female staff
running the entire dining area
Ambience is pretty basic and simple
Some rattan art and a Buddha wood art

Washroom is located at the side-alley next to the restaurant
The path is flooded with nasty-looking water
No key entry, it doesn't look safe to me

Menu is stained and flimsy
Some of the pages were detached from it already

Yes, its been a long time
A lot of readers has commented that they wanna see more JESSY BESSY
So here she is! Save the picture and put as your wallpaper..
You do not get to choose who I want to dine with! ROAR!

Also, dining with me today - Roy..

..and Wei Minn

Naturally, people always judge a Vietnamese restaurant by its Beef Pho

Very tasty! Taste like chicken, only better!

The poor thing looks pretty cute too..

I think this is the Duck with Egg Noodle Soup
Egg noodles (wanton mee noodles) in Duck stock
served with duck meat and baby bok choy

Vietnamese Pho Soup (combination)
It comes with only rare beef/chicken or a combination of rare beef, beef ball and brisket
Personally, I find the soup much better than Happy Days, but the beef ball is too soft
I would rate it on par with AJ Vietnamese, except this one has a more spicy soup
Flat rice noodles are nicely cooked

The beansprouts and mint leaves
that comes with the noodle dishes - pretty generous

Steamed Dim Sims (4)
These are our siew mai
Minced Pork with carrots
Pretty decent taste
Good presentation

Spicy Hue Style Pork and Beef Noodle Soup
The ladies had this
Its thick vermicelli in beef stock
Said it wasn't spicy enough

Return Factor: 7/10
Other Remarks: Will not use the toilet for $10

220 Melbourne Street
The ladies wanted dessert, so here we are at the very famous Freestyle Tout
I don't have to introduce the place
if you're new to this blog, go read the older entries

Also in the restaurant - Feeona Chang and Family

Seriously I need a hair-cut + shave badly

A lil bit of Queensland
around $15
Their signature dish
Caramel brownie, macadamia nut ice-cream, caramel sauce, chocolate, strawberry
Very orgasmic, very sinful, very tasty
Gives you a floaty feeling everytime
No, there's no marijuana in the dish!

Return factor:

Radio show 啦啦世界 (Lala-Land)
on Radio4EB FM98.1
Its a local radio station
our Singaporean time slot is every Sunday 10pm (Brisbane)
You guys from Singapore can steam live at at 8pm (Singapore)

Jessy Bessy came along
and she liked Richard-san best among the DJs

Here's a lil preview of the show!/video/video.php?v=10150217047350046

iPhone Updates

Post-exams Party at Vanessa's
Not exactly a party, but it was pretty fun
to hang out with our international West End gang
Chris, Ivy, Scott, Gorm and made a few new friends

We had a lil barbeque and played soccer at the backyard in the dark
I head-butt someone's knee and had a concussion
I think I became stupid after that
1 + 1 = 2811

Rushed home after that to watch the North Korea match
Today the sofa is ALL MINE!
I'm the King of the Sofa!

Nah nah nah.. More Jessy Bessy!

Take.. and Go!

Lets take a look at the NEW OS 4.0 for iPhones
Those of you who have no idea what is it
Its a new operating system for iPhone users
meaning the interface and functionality has some improvements

Ahh.. Wallpaper Background!
Now for the rest of us non-cheapskates
who do not support jail-breaking
we can have wallpaper backgrounds as well
Yes I've Narcissistic Personality Disorder
you have a problem with that?

Multi-tasking Function
You can double-click on your HOME button
for a pop-up bar at the bottom
which lets you multi-task between games and applications
So now we don't have to open-open-close-close!

5X Digital Zoom Camera
Yea.. Digital, not Optical
So for the lazy or low-tech people who
prefers not to crop their photos, here's the zoom

Actually thats about it
how you multi-task is up to your creativity
I'm not too sure whether or not it "eats" more battery
But hey look! I can now Whatsapp and watch the sex scene
in House of Flying Daggers at the same time! =D


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