Friday, June 4, 2010

June in Brisbane

Satay Rice

Nong Shim Noodles

Routine Logitec Mouse Cleaning

Completed my collection of MOCCONA coffee jars


Egg Spaghetti Bolognese

Took a photo of this to send Justin
As you can see my handwriting is horribly small

Fettucine Bolognese

Bruce Hiscock came over to complete our Marketing Project
We bought Almond Custard Bread for breakfast

85, Elizabeth Street

Diners today: Puree, David, Yen, Fei Fei


Overall, I find this place a lot better than Madtongsan I
in terms of the quality of food and ambience
Also, you do not smell of BBQ after leaving the restaurant
Perhaps its newer and has better furnishing
However Madtongsan I obviously has better service
This chain provides good value-for-money and high return factor


This poster is from HAZEL TEA CAFE
I always laugh out loud when I'm in queue
cos the guy on the left looks fuckin' GAY!

Story Bridge

Radio 4EB Lala-Land - Richard

Radio 4EB Lala-Land - Jean

Radio 4EB Lala-Land - Kendrick

Radio 4EB Lala-Land - Fei Fei

Radio 4EB Lala-Land - KING MING

Who are we?
We are Singaporean students doing this radio show in Brisbane
every Sunday night 10pm to 11pm (GMT+10)
The broadcast is in the Mandarin language (or rather Singlish)
You can hear us by tuning in to FM98.1, or
stream live at

Filthy students... tsk tsk tsk...
I'm gonna post this on

Justin and his Maurya Sisters (Vivian + Jennifer)

Bumped into Mrs. Jay at Coles
So I invited her to join me for lunch

Nothing new.. Fettucine Bolognese

Ivy and Sara left the Party Palace
Leaving behind - footprints and memories..

Hence, Singaporean Boy takes over Ivy's cabinet

Oyama-san came over
So I cooked her Prawn + Mushroom Cream Penne
Nothing new actually.. Its always my same few simple dishes


Caught Justin red-handed playing Facebook during Ops Mgt Tutorial
Oh well.. Who doesn't..

Amanuma aka Amuni-chan (according to Peggy)

HOTS Results are out..

My team, Sakura Hotel, was really on close fight to Maurya
Losing is not an option for us!

Jaded Burmese Boy - Zin

Lunch was at Madtongsan I
28 Elizabeth Street

Diners today.. Amanuma




Today we'll have 6a - Raw Beef Bi Bim Bap

It was pretty packed
So we were seated upstairs
I can see you but you can't see me!

On the down side, we were seated right in front of the air-conditioner
So we were sorta freezing
Not forgetting that our clothes smell of BBQ and Oil

Noticed that Peggy is quite photogenic
Shall jio her to shoot after exams

Seki Sheeba! Peggy's bag has cum-stains!

Lookout for waitress - Lee Hui Zhen (李慧珍)
She is one Korean who can speak a wicked mouth-full of fluent Mandarin
+250 Respect Points

The Potato and Kimchi side dishes were off-standard
1. as a Korean cuisine 2. compared to Madtongsan II
It was quite disappointing
However, it was balanced up by Lee's excellent service

Peggybuta was grouchy all-day
cos she had a stomachache
活该 for skipping lectures!

Return factor - definitely!
Food quality - would prefer Madtongsan II
Service - excellent
Ambience - would prefer Madtongsan II
Great value for money

For the Singaporeans, "Fatimah" is young and moves fast in Brisbane
(term refers to parking ticket officers in Singaporean context)

Brisbane City Library

kinda reminds me of a DotA character - Death Prophet Krobelus
All who agrees say "aye"

We revised Ops Mgt and went through some tutorial
Team Sakura felt like family to me
after all these weeks of doing HOTS project together
Totally love these guys + buta!

As you can see..
I still suck at DotA

iPhone Updates

Calling all International Students
Griffith University Singapore Student Association
is now recruiting. Interested to join?
Email to now!

Basket! Barley in the urinal!

I tend to doodle unconsciously when lecturers
are repeating points that i understood to dumber students

Phallus Art

Enter the MATRIX

谢路路's Jade Bracelet

I still don't understand why students like to
position their legs on the chairs in front of them

a. You need to air your balls?
b. You assume the person sitting in front likes to smell your feet?
c. You assume your honourable shoes deserves to be placed above ground level?
d. You are marking territory (like a canine) by staining chairs with your odour
e. All of the above

I know I've posted this before
but it seriously disgust me to no end.
What the fuck is this?
I've yet to witness this, even in third-world countries!
Uniquely Australia

Found a piece of tasteful Nepalese Art in camous
of Hindu God - Lord Ganesha

Veggie Burger - to think it was healthy
Every mouthful of mayonnaise was unbearable

Got my haircut at Koogi today..


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