Monday, June 7, 2010

Frozen in June 2010

Went to West End Market with Oyama-san
Its fun to go to West End Market cos
you can always make new discoveries
and find familiar, unfamiliar and weird stuff there!

Knife Sharpener

Abo Busker
Most of them have good voices
Most of them..

Old English Sheepdog
West End Market is not a place for dog haters
cos many people bring their dogs for walks/groceries shopping here
Kids love them, so do I

Be Spiderman for AUD18

Fried Potato
Taste better than potato chips
Very very delicious


Sugar Loaf
I'll always remember the day
I looked down from the TCA Lobby into Sugar Loaf
after having lunch at Top Table with Sok Wei

I've no idea what these are
but according to Wikipedia, they are also known as Chayote
Eaten raw or cooked in salads with salt, butter and pepper by Aussies
Taiwanese eat the shoots (龍鬚菜)
Thais call it Sayongte/Fak Maeo, eaten stir-fried like kang kong
Hong Kongers call it 佛手瓜 (Buddha Hand Melon)
It was rumoured that these fruits were secretly used as replacements in McDonalds' Apple Pies in years following World War II (when canned apples were barely available and apples do not grow in tropical countries); Also in ancient times, Colombians use these chayote fruits to preserve mummies.

Old-School Cash Register

Solar-Powered iPhone Chargers
I've seen on YouTube that you can make these D.I.Y.
Here you can buy it for AUD38

D.I.Y. Soaps

Pharaoh Hounds
are pretty popular lately

Merlion Ornament
with a Westin Hotel Logo at the bottom

Gypsy General Trading
I always get my organic cafe latte here
Consistent and tasty!


These kids were awesome!
They were playing some Pirate/Sailor Songs
that got me rooted to the ground

Really Fat Kelpie who sleeps in the Guitar Case

The Chicken Man

German Shepherd
always reminds me of Tasha - R.I.P.

More photos here

Oyama-san wanted to eat pasta AGAIN
So I made her some Shells Bolognese

Yes they do take photographs of EVERYTHING

Dessert was
A little bit of Queensland

Of course I din make the dessert
Its from Freestyle Tout
Very delicious caramel brownie with macadamia nut ice-cream

San Remo should give me some Gold Membership Card

Dinner was at Little Singapore (City)
G14B, Albert Lane

This establishment is actually owned by Hong Kongers
However most of the food are of very close proximity
to the original dishes from Singapore and Malaysia.

Diners today - Jean & Yen

Andy & Ken Tan



aka Lim

Ryan the Scholar

Puree the Birthday Boy

Char Kuey Teow
Lacks consistency.
Dylan's was more oily and better presented than Jean's.
It has Chinese Sausages inside! =D

Seafood Crispy Noodles

Hainanese Yellow Noodles
I had this, its kinda Vietnamese-styled
Gravy is sweet and
has a lemon and raw onions as condiment
three big prawns and chicken strips
(that are from the Hainanese Chicken Rice dish)

Seafood Hor Fun

Beef Kuey Teow

Tom Yum Bee Hoon
This is definitely Thai

Curry Chicken with Rice
The curry is quite delicious and fragrant
Spiciness and thickness is just right!
Puree commented that the chicken is too tough.

I couldn't recall what this
According to Lim, its "Ayam Kapitan"
Looks kinda like un-flattened Ayam Penyet to me

Thank you for SHOPPING?

Similar to my previous visit..
Overall Food Quality here is 8/10
Service 7/10
Ambience 9/10
Clean toilets and nice music with television to "reduce" waiting time
Value for money 7.5/10
Return Factor - Definitely, for the familiar taste of Singapore

Lomography is Love

Disney On Ice (Brisbane)
I don't know if I wanna watch it
Hmmmm... 16-20 June

Starbucks Coffee Company (Myer)
I'll let you in for a lil secret, wherever I go
I'll buy a cuppa from Starbucks from around the world
But not yet in Brisbane

Hungry Jacks (Myer)
"Service from Hell" is one thing
A lot of local delinquents like to loiter inside + outside
I have much pick-pocketing and "can i have a cigarette" stories to tell
However lately there's always a policeman
standing guard nearby without a donut,
so I may want to have some burgers soon..

Pig 'N Whistle

Louis Vuitton

Road Works

Coffee Club (Eagle Street Pier)
Inviting shop front with river view
Speckless restaurant/cafe glass panels with
wait-staff and chefs in clean white uniforms

The display case arrangement reflects
knowledge on Retail Showcase Management - impressive

Lovely ambience for couples and romantic moments

I'm a La Marzocco fan,
but 240V WEGA Espresso Machines are pretty good too.

There's In-Store WIFI Facility
but guess what? Its password protected! =_="
So I went to ask the staff for the free access
and 2 different staff gave me 2 different passwords
I triple-checked for spacing and case-sensitivity
but none of their password works
The staff gave me a "I don't know why either" look and shrugged
I find this reaction totally unacceptable for service

Cafe Latte
Shot was accurate, sharp and robust
but the milk is a bit flat

The Coffee Club Mud Cake
Supposedly their signature cake
however, I find it rather unsatisfactory
cos the bottom part taste like 发糕 aka "Huat Kueh"
You know? The orange ones we use as offerings.
Absolutely different from my idea of a Mud Cake
Others may like it.. I guess.

Attractive condiment tray for each individual table
which I felt was thoughtful and pleasing to the eye

Dessert Spoon and Fork

Puree ordered Hot Chocolate and
Yen ordered Hazelnut Mocha

Return Factor: Probably Not
I may prefer patronisng the Coffee Club outlet
opposite the City Library instead

啦啦世界 Radio Live Show
4EB FM98.1
Sundays 8pm (Singapore) 10pm (Brisbane)




康少 + JJ



watch video here

more photos here

iPhone Updates

This could be interesting
Coming soon June 24
I love Adam Sandler

Dinner was at Nandos (West End)
with Mr. and Mrs. Jay

Nandos is a Portugese-themed restaurant
that came from South Africa
Invaded Australia in 1990
Specialising in chicken dishes with lemon and herb
and peri peri marinades
Singaporeans can find it at Bugis Junction

The couple shared a Half-Chicken Meal
Comes with fries and a bottled drink

KING MING enjoys a
Quarter-Chicken Meal

The chicken has a smokey-flavor
Not for health-conscious people
It has a lot of carbon on the grilled skin
Chicken is not plump
Quite enjoyable to eat once in a while


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