Friday, June 11, 2010


During breaks, I play a lil
Defence of the Ancients (DotA)

Longest game ever.. 73min
and everyone was bored to the core.

Spirit Breaker, "How now?"

Mad Men

Dinner was at Jay's

Nando's Hot Peri-Peri Sauce

Better than Nando's or KFC!

Strawberries from Farmer's Market

Group Studying at City Library

Zin looks tired and moody

Peggy-buta, clueless as ever

Maggie's first appearance on MyDemonInYou

KING MING mugging hard
If anyone had even noticed,
I've overgrown facial hair
It makes me look hardworking
I decided to shave only after my last paper
So don't bug me about it!


Fruity Lip Balm

念力 - 王者绝非偶然


KING 是虚名
MING 也是虚名
重点是 - 我的

We are well.. ahem.. tourists

Heading back home for dinner..

The girls decided to go shopping instead
So me and Zin escaped..

Dinner was at HAPPY DAYS...

Its amazing how they grew from a lil slum shop
to a well-known Chinese/Vietnamese Restaurant.
I always enjoy asking the friendly China staff, Sarah
to surprise me by deciding my dinner.

The agents came for room inspection
and I happened to be playing DotA
and taking passport size photos for Jay (see below)
He stared at my screen and said "So you're getting Vanguard"
told me he's VERY VERY AWESOME at the game
and invited me to play with him soon..

Lunch today is 1.45pm at RED & WHITE
165 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

They are having a $12/- lunch special
(choice of six dishes) with a tag-line
"Enjoy Brisbane's only authentic Peruvian food"
on its sandwich board and flyers

Got myself seated in front of the espresso machine
Waiter with runny nose approached me and
asked if I would like to have anything other than water

The Pass
Communication was observed between cook and waiter

Restaurant ambience was pretty good
Warm lighting mixed with natural lighting
Beautiful mural, speckless-clean dining area
However no music was played
Was expecting some Peruvian or Spanish music

Coffee and Cakes
Could be a nice place to hang out for coffee?
Maybe? Read on..

Waiter with Runny Nose told me that
because it was a busy day,
only the last three item on the menu was available:
Escabeche de Pollo, Adobo de Chanco and Seco de Cordero
Hmm... Stock-out situation
So I asked for a recommendation
which the waitered suggested the Lamb Stew

Seco de Cordero
Lamb stew cooked in coriander, red wine, aji panca and aji Amarillo. Served on Peruvian style beans puree and steamed rice.
Dish arrived in about 8min, as Waiter in Runny Nose presented my dish
The presentation is beautiful, fresh parsley was used as condiment
However on the chef's part, the combination of starch and meat
make it seem like baby food - similiar to Indian Kitchen
Beans puree is Garbanzo Beans (chickpea) kinda pungent
I would suggest frying them with spices before making the puree

Lamb Stew is a overly salty, lacks character and cold be stewed longer
Rice was properly cooked
I'm commenting from a Singaporean point-of-view
This could genuinely be "Peruvian-style" for all I know!

Cafe Latte
Espresso was well.. Doesn't taste like espresso
Milk was flat
Really what I was expecting from a
La Marzocco + Campos combination
So I blame it on the Runny Nose Waiter

Return Factor: Not likely

Jay's D.I.Y. passport-sized photos
Proudly sponsored by KING MING

iPhone Updates

Punjabi Palace with Jay

My New Novelty Toys
Special thanks to Richard Chan

Oscar Likey Too!



Anonymous said...

Bro, u think i get 550D kit? or 50D body, then i get my own prime?!

50D body almost same as 550D kit leh..

i am your worst nightmare, keagan..
and im coming bne to haunt u already..

MING said...

worst nightmare?
not anymore.. we're cool.
50D has better noise tolerance.
550D got HD video.
take your pick.