Saturday, May 22, 2010

SHAUNA - 21 May 2010

1PM - KING AHIRAM (West End)
Original Lebanese Food according to the shop
88 Vulture Street

They have a lovely menu board
You can get your Shish Kebabs etc here!
Service isn't exactly fantastic
Staff doesn't look you in the eye
(Exact replicate of Hungry Jack staff at Queen Street)

You can also savor on Omelette
This omelette is the Asian version
The original one comes with meat inside

Rachel got a new camera - NIKON D700

NOT! It belongs to Richard Chan
who sold his soul to the devil
and betrayed the CANON EOS family
for better low light tolerance (iso)

Shish Kebab
Lamb is minimal and swept to one side of the kebab
However comes with tasty fresh vegetables
and bean sprouts!

Bridal Fingers
Pistachio delight
Taste like almond cookie
but better!


Tell me - who paste dolphin stickers on their dSLR?

This is my Solution to Child Soldiers - Child Labour

Make them roll cigarettes for you
Its a lot of fun for them
cos the activity feels like Art and Craft Session
and you can pay them minimal wages
Which kid would wanna join the militia if they can roll ciggies?

Tiggy (Piggy/Figgy/Twiggy - I can't quite recall the name)
can do some neat gongxi-gongxi moves!

After 6 hours of painting...

Rachel + MING proudly presents:
SHAUNA 21 MAY 2010
model: Shauna May Tan
special thanks: Richard Chan

more photos at

also check out Rachel's blog at

After the shoot, we went to McDonalds'


Saunababy's mum is fuckin' awesome!

ALI MAMA plays the piano..

Here's the REAL DEAL

watch video here

Many undigested bean sprouts from yesterday's kebabs

Brekkie was Lor Mai Kai (糯米鸡) and Pink Bean Soup
Thanks to Mama May Tan for the hospitality
She said I have a typical Hakka-face - really meh?

This machine at the train station
broadcasts a very nice BBC news man's voice
when you push the buttons..

Caught Robin Hood alone at Sunnybank 8 cinema
It was fuckin' awesome!
Makes killing French people look like a lot of fun!

Had a peal milk tea at CHA TIME
Not bad at all! So far the best in Brisbane that I ever had
Beats all the Easy Way, Tea Etc, Hazel etc etc

It sucks! The vegetables were yellowish and looks rotten
Bread lost most of its moisture already
Bad choice - very disappointed!


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