Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sarah BNE May

My favouritest + prettiest CYA Senior, Sarah
came to visit the other day..

Showed her some of Brisbane's photos on my laptop

Haha.. So cute right?
Cos I never once rotate my high-res photos..

Breakfast at Jimmy's

Both of us had CLUB BREAKFAST

A fulfilling breakfast always makes me happy
and it must come with fruit juices and coffees!

Eggs (choice of fried, scrambled or poached), Baked Beans, Arugula,
Hashbrowns, Ham, Bacon, Tomato, Sausage, Toast


Hilton Hotel

So cute right?
Do all girls like to sit on the bathroom counter?

I love it when she does this..
Its like checking blind spots when you're driving.

Sucky view.. Seriously!

There're more than 170 very adorable/educative photos that
I would love to share, but promised not to.
Hope Sarah comes back soon =)

Ok, now lets changed the channel to West End News

Feeona went to the gym opposite my place
and I forced her to cook for me..

watch video here

She actually spammed all my Sesame Oil
Really is 油菜 and look at all the oddly-shaped ingredients
She cut em all with a pair of scissors

But it was pretty tasty
Thank you, Feeona!
You are very skinny today

Shortly after the Oily Feeona Dinner,
Jay called and invited me over for dinner..

It was Herbal Chicken Bee Hoon with Dou Miao
Winnie is a great cook
very happy for Jay! =)
And I'm not fat, thanks!

iPhone Updates

My housemate, Ingvild

Geri Ee

Richard Chan

Playing Word Search in Gloria Jean Cafe (Valley)

Ho ho.. Curly Wurly!

Bestie Kelly at Griffith Uni (Nathan)

I swear my uni is like a huge dumpster..
They should impose fines on littering!

South Bank preparation for Buddha's Birthday Festival

Getting ready for IRONMAN2
South Bank Cineplex Theatre 5
Biggest screen in Brisbane (or Australia?)


Shake Nigiri Sushi
Hanaichi Sushi Bar

AUD 799.90
Hanaichi Sushi Bar
Siao ah?

Yasai Tempura Soba
Hanaichi Sushi Bar

Tori Kara Age
Hanaichi Sushi Bar

Horrible band performance..

Riverside Tricycle Ride with Sarah

The Three Monkeys
NY Baked Cheesecake + Black Forest Cake
It was quite funny, the waitress served us
an empty cup without the teapot

Sarah @ Conrad Treasury

African Tribal Performance at Queen's Street

watch video here

It was cold and rainy after my 2015HSL exam
On my way home, I received a message from Ah Rol

So sweet of her
It was some pork, oyster porridge
that she cooked overnight for WEBs
Thank you, Ah Rol!



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