Saturday, May 8, 2010

QUT SSA Picnic (Saturday)

Ah Ha's new fish

On our way to QUT picnic at GP

Met up with Kellybestie, Kelda and Geri
at Adelaide Street

Dylan Seasondiamond bullying Mrs. Jay

We played Soccer and Captains Ball
It was really cool since we rarely exercise
Like a new activity besides growing fat

Jean's most chio pose 2010

and now for some sucky iphone photos...

Zin's bedroom...

Funky Legal Issues Example..

Ibis in the house

Sporty Luca

Sweee.. I like to play FOURSQUARE now

At night, we went to 7-8 Cafe Restaurant
5/17 Barrett St

The menu was pretty interesting..

Prices are very affordable too!

Whats a Pink Pon Pon?

I reckon is the pink drink there..

Tom Yum Assorted Hot Pot

Return Factor: 10/10

After that we went to chill at
Eileen/Pauline/Sandy household's

Playing with Ah Pui the smelly puppy..

watch video here

Ah Pui bid farewell to Sandy Mama

Ah Pui bid farewell to Sandy Papa


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