Sunday, May 16, 2010

PHOTOSHOOT - Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Perfected my Pseudo Bolognese Recipe
The Vietnamese Butchery girl now calls me "Chicken Mince Boy"

Invited Kellybestie to come over for lunch
while we discussed the photoshoot plans
Of cos.. She had the "vegetarian" version.

The discussion ended up with
Paranormal Activities and Red Rock Deli chips

"Art Director" - Kelly Chai
Models - Pearly Collier-Harris, Tiana Innes
Photography - KING MING

This is not a Wedding Shoot by the way..
I just selected shots I like
and they happened to look like a wedding album
The models are not bridesmaids too
Enjoy! =)


A Photoshop CS4 Competition (sorta) I had with
Rachel May Tan last night with Saunababy's photo..

Special thanks for Liwei for drawing me this
=_=" Ermm.. Why am I a girl?

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