Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pas de problème - Que de solution

9.30pm Story Bridge

Back at Radio 4EB FM98.1 on Sunday night

Special guest: Raichu
Celebrated Prodigy Photographer
Student at QUT
(She's Saunababy's sister)

Richard - CANON EOS Traitor

Special guest: Alfred
Practising Lawyer
Age: Mystery

Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer

CityCat Ferry Service
Its a pain to go home cos the weather is biting cold
and I was wearing shorts and havaianas without jacket

Recommended by Saunababy
Great for cracked lips, boils, burns, chafing, gravel rash,
splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.
Fits nicely in your pocket so you don't have to
look desperately for a pawpaw (papaya) plant during emergencies
Get yours today!

Coles Half Chicken for Dinner
Pretty good. Tender, Oily and tasteful.
The chestnut filling is quite a b*tch though.
Can get very "jelat" if you eat the whole chicken.
Great value for money, no?

Ivy with the girls' Norwegian flag
It was their National Day yesterday
Of cos Ivy is not from Norway =_="

Ivy made Curry Chicken today
She was quite cute, came to my room and said
"Today I cooked the chicken you like to eat!
What time are you coming home later?
Can I eat first if you were to come back late?"

Its so so so so so so tasty!
My mother only cooks Curry Chicken during Chinese New Year
cos its too troublesome to clean up.
Thanks to Ivy, I always feel at home.

Recommended by Feeona Chang
Coles Koala Biscuits
Very good value for money
Its actually just chocolate biscuits
designed to make kids/tourists feel more motivated to purchase




Anonymous said...

Hi Ming, I am just a passerby from Singapore who may be interested in studying in QUT. How do you find QUT in terms of the business degrees? Do you have any Singaporean friends who are studying there?

MING said...

plenty.. wat do u wanna know?
maybe u can check out their website first.