Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid May Day 2010

Stuff that makes lil girls wanna learn how to bake
and make themselves feel like fairies (I think)

Zip-lock Bags that comes with Simpson graphics
I love zip-lock bags!

Hokkien Noodles from Cyber City

Dogs are often left at the Market Entrance
cos they are not allowed in
You can always find people petting them
and know what kinda dogs live in your neighbourhood


Deliciously seasoned
Comes in a cute lil box
it was tasty and i felt very healthy

However I find this piece of black thingamagik very disturbing
Its like a MARS BAR wrapper
What the hell is it doing in my salad?

Went to this roundtable talk with QUT UN Club
Upon invitation by Rachel May Tan
The topic was Child Soldiers
I feel that the solution is indubitably simple - build a NIKE factory
and start using child labour.

Spaghetti Bolognese
Good for all lazy days

2007PPP Legal Issues for Managers

Was at QUT KG to transfer Kellybestie some photos
Bumped into Leon

After the UN Club roundtable talk
Rachel came over to watch Royston Tan's 15

I had to translate the Hokkien Gang Poems for her
Seriously - this show is not for the "jiak-kantan-people"
However she found the show to be extremely amusing

Carol tah-bao-ed (take-away) Bean Curd for me

While I was watching WALL STREET (1987)
to get a better understanding of Insider Trading
under Lecture 9 (Week 10) Company Law, Legal Issues
And who said I dun study?

Saunababy said she'll cook me Curry Chicken
This is evidence!

Steven Tyler appeared in Two and a Half Men
He's so awesome! Aerosmith lead singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist
Father of beautiful Liv Tyler
Love him!


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