Sunday, May 9, 2010

LALA-LAND (Sunday)

Sunday Evening...

The Lala-Land DJs gathered for a meeting at QUT GP
LalaWorld is our Singaporean Radio Show
Broadcasting live every Sunday
SGD 8pm AUS 10pm
You can tune in to 4EB FM98.1
or stream live at

After the meeting we went to get a cuppa
at Krispy Kreme Queens Street

The best coffee comes from none other than

Dinner was at AJISEN RAMEN

Jay was there too!

They are now having a promotion on Lunch Offers
Only AUD9.90 for selected Ramens and side dishes

Served by very cute waitress, Alice

Senna is very cute too
I'll have both, takeaway please

Today I had Miso Ramen
Soup was tasty =)

Remarks: I feel that comparing Ramen in Brisbane,
This place still makes the best ramen..
Of cos when I'm back in Singapore, I NEVER wanna eat Ajisen
cos the food sucks, the service sucks, the ambience sucks.
And there're many better options like IPPUDO and MARUTAMA

QUT GP Entrance
The place stinks at night
cos all these noctornal animals come out to play
and the bat pee stinks like hell
HUGE BATS though.. quite a sight

Radio show.. LALA-LAND
If you have tuned in, this is how our lovely DJs looked like in person
金鱼 (Jin Yu)

康少 (Kang Shao)

小明 (Xiao Ming)



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