Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its freezing in May 2010

Hello everyone..
I'm still alive!
Having my exams lately, so I'm updating less.
Anyhows here are some photos I took lately..

I have these packed up under my desk
so that I can munch when I'm feeling for a snack
Coles Ginger Stem Cookies are really yummy

Ivy gave me some Cheesecake + Ice-cream
when I came back from uni today
Was fuckin' pissed with an incompetent group mate,
but cheered up instantly! I'm happy when I'm well-fed.

Maggie Tandori Instant Cup Noodles
Din taste too bad!
But I wun buy it again.. it tastes too boring.

I'm indubitably a coffee addict.
My current awake time is 6am-10pm
So I have to make my own coffee in the wee hours..
Moccona is my favourite brand as of now.
Nescafe Blend 43 tasted horrible, but the 3in1 is pretty good.
Having tried all the Moccona blends,
I'm gonna share some pointers:

Classic Dark Roast
The original blend that cannot go wrong
However I realise its a bit oily
perhaps thats where the extra aroma comes from

Espresso Style
Darker Blend that doesn't have any character
For those people who like their coffee more
smokey and robust

Mocha Kenya Style
This is my favourite among all
Has hints of chocolate
Goes great with or without milk

French Style
Smooth but Light
Pretty much of an all-day coffee

Now for some iPhone photos...

Shopping at Woolsworth (aka Woolies)
is a totally different experience.
They carry different range and of cos, prices are competitive
However its only about 1ct to 50cts difference
Coles calls their own brand "Coles"
while Woolies calls it "Home Brand"

Prosciutto always reminds me of Mr. Chia
Maybe because he was the one who introduced it into my life
Its amazing how I can still remember how
the prosciutto photo looks like on his powerpoint slides
after 3-4 years..

Maybe I used to pay a lot of attention during lectures
before I decided to fuck up my life

Its all about Marketing, isn't it?

And I'm pretty sure the "Free Range" sign
is going to catch anyone's attention
Its not even attractive to start with!

I believe my blog is becoming a guide
for international students who plan to study in Australia..
There're so many daily lessons
on how to become an "independent aunty"
Where to get good food, how to apply for a mobile phone line,
Where to party and get laid (actually not), Places to go, Things to do,
How to cook your first meal as a lazy international/exchange student,
Culture Shocks, What to expect during lessons/projects/university etc
Lets change my blog name to -
Surviving Australia (Brisbane) 101, a guide for Singaporean students

I get attracted to kiddy food

Hur hur...

Kellybestie made me Vegetable Wraps for lunch
while I played L4D2 (totally got fucked by zombies)
and Street Fighter with Kelda
I'm such a pig..

While they played Rock Band
I helped Kellybestie to step the peddle
cos she's handicapped ankle down

Kelda with her standard no-expression face
Give her a top hat and she may look like Saul Hudson
(.__.) <-- this is her face

Ok.. You've played quite enough
Time to make dinner.. Go!

Guess what's for dinner?
Hint: Korean Cuisine

I contributed by slicing the cucumber, carrot and lettuce
which kinda makes me Masterchef.. kinda...

The weather has been acting crazy lately
So I rewashed my laundry and sent them to the laundromat to dry
While waiting for the dryer (40min)
I had a cuppa at UGEES next door
and watched daddys with babies, old men with dogs etc
while enjoying the morning breeze
That's Life!
By the way they make really nice coffee
tasty, fast and consistent = respect points + return customer!
So its "Goodbye, Gloria Jeans forever!"

Messages from home.. =)


p/s: will try to draw some comics for over the weekend
did i mention kellybestie's birthday is on 28 november? O_o
3-seconds mini-stun

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