Friday, May 14, 2010

FRIDAY THE 14TH - a day to remember

Happy Friday the 14th, people!
According to Pagan beliefs, Friday the 13 is a lesser form
of Friday the 14. Today is the day where Pagans celebrate the day
God of Fertility, Pan removed immortality and decapitated his eldest son, Peter Pan.
The century-long Battle Report as follows:

Peter Pan (as retold by J.M. Barrie) ruled as the king of the land of fertility, Neverland
together with his minions - Tinkerbell, Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly etc
In AD 1904, Jesus Christ sent an angel, Captain James Hook to colonise Neverland.
Captain Hook preached diligently and managed to convert Peter Pan's son, Jack into Christianity. This infuriated the God of Fertility, who ordered Riduan (Hambali) Islamiyah, former leader of Jemaah Islamiyah, to execute a suicide bombing in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia on 12 October 2002.

In the same year, Captain Hook retaliated with an a goblin attack lead by Doctor Norman Osborn which defeated Rufio (aka Captain Peter Parker), who was obsessed with his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. This Battle at Forest Hills was however perversed and made into a movie, Spider-man (2002) by Sam Raimi describing Rufio's victory over Norman Osborn instead. Also to note, that Rufio's trusty Sergeant, Stephen Robert Irwin (better known as The Ticking Crocodile) who took Captain Hook's hand during the fight. Sergeant Irwin lost his life in a later battle of vengence with Hook's Irish right-hand man, Smee (aka The Bull Ray), who stabbed a 25cm serrated sword into his heart.

The Greek God Pan, who could no longer withstand the lengthy war, bestowed upon his faithful Satyr, Rikimaru two swords - Sange and Yasha. Rikimaru was tasked to attuned the swords by the moonlight of Tir'nogth before decapitating Peter Pan from the back with the magical swords. The event falls on Friday the 14th, a sensational manslaughter which was celebrated by Pagans.

Some side stories depict local resident of Neverland, Michael Jackson performing sexual misconduct with Peter Pan's juvenile lackeys in the year 1993 and 2003. Jackson was chased out of Neverland in Year 2008 from his $30 million ranch property and had his soul devoured on 25 June 2009 by Pan's army of Dementors (also seen in Harry Potter). During an interview with Associated Press, Pan expressed the murder as "duties of housekeeping and security department (in Neverland)". Tinkerbell was later sold to The Walt Disney Company as Comfort Woman.

Ok enough bullshit.. Back to Brisbane!

Lunch after uni was at
Ajisen Ramen (George Street)

Diners today - Amanuma, Zin and KING MING

The Ramen Menu is pretty much as in Singapore
but the side dishes are very different and enticing.

Today I'm going to try the Lunch Special
Its only AUD9.90, comes with Spring Rolls too!

POKKA No-Sugar Japanese Green Tea
This is my first time trying their No-Sugar Ocha
Has nice green tea aroma, but taste pretty unorthodox.
I would opt for a chilled sweet green tea, or hot non-sweet green tea
This feels kinda weird..
Cos I can't really differentiate this from Oolong Tea.

The complimentary Lunch Special Spring Rolls
Possibly a frozen snack
but still - its FREE!
Taste pretty alright too~~

I enjoy watching the Arowana opens its huge 5cm-mouth
No arowana-sashimi for us, thanks!

Zin ordered the Ladies Set
It comes with a Ramen..

.. a Mini-Beef Rice Bowl, Spring Rolls and a canned-drink!
Costs you around AUD12

Amanuma ordered the All-in-One Ramen
It has all the ingredients the restaurant has
Lets see.. Cha Shu, Karaage Chicken, Pork Ribs etc
Quite a feast, I would say!
Costs around AUD15-17

For me, Karaage Ramen
Chunks of deep-fried chicken
Love it!

Amanuma ordered a side - Mini Paiku Don
Thats Pork Ribs with Corn over Rice

Probably one of the better Ramen places in Brisbane City
Awesome service by Senna (Japanese) and Alice (Korean)
Good value for money, High return factor!
Clean toilets, friendly staff, fast service, good ambience - what else can you ask for?
To put a score, I would say 9.5/10

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The cigarette container was on fire
Some idiot probably stuffed a handful of tissue paper inside
It was quite a sight!

Comic Blog updated -
Don't worry.. Its all in English (kinda)!

iPhone Updates

Jay's good neighbour - a war veteran

Notice the lil kid watching from the glass panel?

The most ultimate disgusting thing I've ever seen
This photo was taken in my uni library
Even people from the 3rd world country don't do this

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From Pema's presentation during iHRM Tutorial
I thought Option C. Titanic was quite funny!

I always thought Pema looks like a 晴天娃娃
晴天娃娃 is a doll hung on the roof to pray for good weather
Commonly seen in Japan and Farms in China

Inter-continental Hotel case studies upsets me

Zin has a freaky toe
He said probably his mum ate too much sticky rice
when she was pregant with him

Have a great weekend, people!


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