Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buddha's Birthday - Brisbane

Zin lent me this Song of the Sea dvd
which he got from Singapore when he visited
Kinda brings back some fond memories.. sorta..

Cigarettes can come in twin packs here
2 X 25stick packs
Check out the new MARLBORO GOLD

Ivy made Cheng Teng for me =3

Ingvild scared the shit out me of me the other day..
She's damn cute

I always see Aussies in the makeover studio
Think its still quite popular here to get your studio shots taken

In Uni with my SAKURA gang
doing our HOTS project

Happy Birthday Peggy! =)
As much as she's quite a sotong in the group
we love her long time~~

Amanuma and myself went to the Human Resource lecture
but the teacher was sick..

So we went to Zin's house to chill
before the 7pm Legal Issues lecture

Welcome to Zin's cozy house..

Huge mess
What do you expect from a guy living alone
My room isn't much better..

Amanuma, "残念ね"

Rustic old-styled kitchen


It was so peaceful compared to my West End place..

Then we played Rollin' Cigarettes

Amanuma is such a noob

Guess who rolled which cigarette?

Answer and more photos at..

Bryan Lim (HTM) came over the other day
and we cooked steak at my place

watch video here

Buddha's Birthday Festival at South Bank

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva

Kids can read about the Story of Buddha
(Siddhartha Gautama)

I can't help but think that they look like cosplayers..


Interactive/Educational Asian Games

The NAB mascot

watch video here

Sangharama Bodhisattva aka
Saintly Emperor Guan

The girl on the left is the daughter of
the Kungfu Master who was in the same martial arts school as Jet Li
The other girl is of course our Rachel May Tan
Happy Birthday to you! =D

Chris Harvey learns Chinese Caligraphy
with pretty Chinese girl, Gabby

Too much donuts..

The Kungfu Korean guy you saw
at the Buddha's Birthday Festival website

Spotted Zin's classmate, 張璐

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva
always been my favourite character in Buddhism

I have no idea who she is
but she's got a really lovely voice

Lion Dance Performance

Our Singaporean Hero - Ken Tan


It was a spectacular martial arts display! =D

Kids Choir Performance

Taiwanese Drum Performance
There's this guy acting as an afro obasan
Quite entertaining

After that, Ken and I went to celebrate Feeona's birthday
West End Represent

more photos at


Photography by Richard Chan

Saunababy was talking about Sarah Lau
(in later post..)

Peggy and I had a weird conversation that day..

Treasure Isle (Facebook game)
Why the hell do I need all these seagulls
They are of no value and I can't gain anything from it
Stop gifting me seagulls! They suck!

Photography by Richard Chan

Myself and Chloe Connasse
acting as possums to attract them to our house

Kelly - my new best friend! =3



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