Saturday, May 29, 2010

MAY MAY 背着洋娃娃 2010

Breakfast was Almond Cookies for Hakka Boys
from Mummy May Tan

Sorry for all the outdated posts..
Been really busy with projects/assignments lately

Jay hates lil animals..

watch video here

more photos at

I continue to suck at DotA

iPhone Updates


Amanuma-san X Mitsubishi-san

Yea.. I'm damn KAN BU too
First it was 78, then its KanBu
Such vulgar names for a shop front

Griffith Singapore Student Association (GUNSSA)
Recruiting now!
Please do not send junk/prank emails to that account
unless you wanna get f*cked in the ass by Gold Coast SSA president

Special thanks to Matt-zai + Oyama-san
for sacrificing their precious time to help me paste posters

Its always awesome
to see your shots materialise into something useful

Today I wish to be forgiven..