Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Sunnybanking

Went to uni to settle 3215HSL's HOTS
Then went to Sunnybank with bestie, Kelly Chai
Its my first trip there by bus T_T
Almost got lost..

Said she wanted to reward herself with confectionary
What an excuse to grow fat..

Why should the staff be attended to?
One of the things I love about Sunnybank is their bad English.

After that we went to Yuen's Market to shop for snacks
but I ended up not buying anything again.. Sian..

Who tried to brew this before?
Fish fins and Starfish herbal soup O_o

Reminded me that a few years ago
during one of my LOBO days, I was at Singapore-JB Customs
when this mother filled her toddler son's bag with this chewing gum
and was sent to the Police Office
Why saboh your son? Are we becoming less humane?
Yes.. Chewing Gum is banned in Singapore!

Kelly + Muffin

Then we went to K-Mart across the road..
Oh ya, I still have a AUD30 K-Mart Voucher lying on my desk
from the First Prize QUT SSA Chinese New Year Lucky Draw

Looks yummy right?
Its lip bum. Take your pick..

When I go back to Singapore,
I wanna go fishing with Rabbit Chen, Bao Bao and Edwinpong.

One of my favourite Children Books author
Trace Moroney - check out her books!

I think I'm ready to start watching Gossip Girls
I think I am..

Dinner was made by bestie Kelly - Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

[General Review]
Food Quality: Too Spicy!
Food Presentation: Too Spicy!
Portion Size: Too Spicy!
Value for Money: Too Spicy!
Ambience: Too Spicy!
Service: Too Spicy!
Return Factor: Too Spicy!
Other Remarks: Too Spicy! I think she's trying to kill me, but it was tasty! =d

15 degrees celcius in Brisbane


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