Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SUPANOVA 2010 [Sunday]

Arrived at Fortitute Valley
about 20min bus ride from my front door
This is "Chinatown", a lil history about this place.

It used to be the main shopping area in Brisbane
before the Brisbane City came up.
After the relocation, whats left are cheap and old shopfronts.
So the Asians being business-smart,
came in and set up their establishments.
With the Australians thinking all Asians are Chinese
(not being able to differentiate a Korean from a Vietnamese etc)
they called the region - Chinatown!

Ooh.. ZOUK!
Not quite, this one is a pub.

There's this weekend Valley Market
Lets see what they sell here.. Old Books..

Necklace, Jingle-ling-a-lings..

More bracelets, accessories..

Scarfs, sarongs, bags that look used..

Kewen Kening Massage and Acupuncture
Is he supposed to be famous? But lets go on..

Quite cool design tops for both ladies and men..

iPhone covers...

Monster Truck Tyres.. I mean Pots of Herbs and other plants.

Its a pretty small weekend market
that is not exactly a farmer's market
but more of a flea market like Jalan Besar
The only buy-able thing I found were sunglasses

Met up with Richard
who lives nearby at Spring Hill

We went to The Exhibition Building to attend

Entrace is AUD25
which includes a goodie bag full of flyers =_=

Laser Tech

Retailers selling Anime/Manga goodies..
Its kinda like Comic Convention or something similiar

Sephiroth and Darth Maul

I thought these were cool
Skin tear make-up and stuff
Really good for halloween!

Now which one is a manequin?

Swords, DVDs, Cards...

Check out the cosplayers playing Guitar Hero

Photo moment!


Want to be part of the Akatsuki?

Independent Comic Artists

Ooh.. My uni has a booth here!

Cartoon prints canned drinks..

Bender from Futurama

WACOM is always at this kinda fares
Even in Singapore

Rock Band Competition

Check this out..
Avatar Cosplayer!

You can get your Kyuubi (Naruto) hats
and Akatsuki (Bleach) costumes here as well..

I can't watch English-dubbed Anime
my ears will bleed

Richard was quite popular at the event
everyone seems to know him

The French has their spot too - Asterix

Avatar Jam!

Kenneth would love these Nendoroids!

Medival Fair?

I love this
She makes me wanna marry a nightelf!

Who do you call?

Final Fantasy XIII on PS3
The graphics are super awesome!


Droids makers..


These cosplayers stood in a row
danced and offered FREE HUGS
Quite cute! Its like Anime-gone-insane!


Female Kakashi
Its always awesome when girls
dressed up as male characters

Naruto & Ino-buta

Zoro (One Piece)


Dan (Street Fighter)



We went into the hall to watch some stage games
and the Cosplay Competition

I realise that Aussies are very engaging audiences
They cheer and boo their hearts out
But have to be told that they should have more tact with kids
Know what I mean?
One of them yelled "Princess Jasmine, you're a tramp!"

Most of the teams have a skit
before posing with their costumes
Lets see how many of them you can identify..

Dragonball Z

Disney Princesses

Gouku (Dragonball GT)

Team Avatar


He won best costume, I think..

Note: The cosplayer is a dude!



Beauty and the Beast

Rachel May loves this..

I like this
*thumbs up*

Team Futurama

Chris "Egghead" Harvey loves this - MONKEY MAGIC
I think he came up as the champion this year..

Team Naruto

No sorry, same pose but different characters..
The later one is Seifer Almasy "No Mercy"

Super cute!

Gouku and Buma

Reno (Turks)

Jiraya (自来也) did his lil hoppin' dance..

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

This Hidan is just funny
He came up the stage, took a photo of the judges
and left..

Sakura Cardcaptor

Kurosaki Ichigo, Sub Zero and 2 bears..

This is one cute Lulu

Check this out - Southpark

See I told you its a HE!


Isn't this awesome?


Kuchiki Rukia (13th Division)

Papa Smurf!

Tifa Lockheart

Rock Band 2 Champions

Poison Ivy

Tifa Lockheart & Soifon (2nd Division)

More photos here
[part 1]
[part 2]

It was an awesome experience for me
cos its the first time I see Caucausians cosplaying! =)
Had a lot of fun~~

A group photo from Sean
Taken at our last kitty meal picnic lunch at Fraser Island

Samsudin gave me some Beauty & The Geek
Pretty interesting reality show..
I would do Erika Rumsey (Life-sized Barbie Doll), will not do Cheryl,
may do Mindi, will definitely not touch Krystal
Will definitely do Lauren Bergfeld (Lingerie Model), will not do Scarlet
and I'll pass on Caitilin too
If I get to vote someone out, it would be host - Brian Mcfayden
I find him extremely repulsive!

Found this in my older posts too..
Clubbing at McDonalds' gone with the wind..

Been playing this Facebook game call TIKI RESORT
How about some tips, tricks and cheats?
Basically, you can't use Cheat Engine to spam your way through..
Lets share some more ethical and responsible gameplay

1. Speedhack

You may put your speed up to 2.0 on Cheat Engine to reduce the time by half
while still enjoying the game. Its not really cheating, is it?
Anything more than that kills the server.

2. Build Smart
Build your upgradable buildings first
However, do get your friends to join you as some upgrades require friends/neighbours

3. Build Nuclei-style
As shown in the photo above. Let all your buildings surround your airplane runway, helipad, jetty. This enables the people to quickly get to your attractions, logically - faster money! Try not to leave any gaps in between them so they look like ants squirming around quickly from building to building.
Also when you are using hte Nuclei method, you may wanna flood your beaches (white sand areas) with crabs, starfish, umbrellas, whatever you desire. This is because, if tourists got nowhere else to go, they will have to go into your buildings then get their ass off your island. Higher turnover = More/Faster Money!
Using this method, you also outsmart the system, meaning, you retain more visitors on your island cos the next flight/boat/helicopter is not here yet!
To prove it useful, I've tried several layouts. The nuclei-method gives me at least 45 visitors on the island, but once I spaced out the buildings, I get only an average of 33. Also, it gives faster trash respawn (faster and more money+exp).

4. Save your Charms
Save up your coconut and pineapple charms for later, to build the Pineapple Wonder - which will speed up your cash/shells in later part of the game.

5. Use Low-Res
I prefer to use Low-Res anytime cos its easier to see the rubbish that your visitors disposed. They are very much more visible as compared to using High-Res. You may toggle this setting on the left-hand side - Hi/Lo. In addition, if you are using a terribly old model computer without good graphic accelerator/card etc, you can experience quicker gameplay - faster money!

6. Upgrading Transportation Systems
Is upgrading your airport, jetty and helipad important? Will it bring more visitors? The answer is yes, but not significantly. It will only increase slightly with each upgrades. So I usually pick better attractions for more money. But that doesn't mean you don't upgrade your transports, do it at lower priority.

7. Tourist Trapping, Yes or No?
This concept is close to what we use during Tower Defense games.
You may have probably realise that I only have Pineapple Wonder for Charms
thats because I don't have much friends playing this game. You may use other CHARM buildings.
As you can see from the image above, I planned to use a tourist trap with this game.
Meaning, all visitors have to go through the Pineapple Wonder before they reach other attractions, so they are all SUPER CHARMED and spend plenty of money.
Bad idea, don't do it. The AI is not intelligent enough.
They come out of their various transportation, walk through my Pineapple Wonder and to their various other shops. At any point of time, only 7 visitors get CHARMED.

8. Leaving your game overnight
As long as you don't exceed a speed of 2.0, the server won't burn.
So you may leave it overnight for the little earnings (not much though), the real cash/shells and experience points comes from collecting the revenue from your shops and attractions.

9. Is my guide/cheat/hack useful?
Well, in 12 hours, I've achieved Level18. The third image shows my latest progress.
I'll let you decide..

10. How do I repay your kindness?
You can call me "King" for a year or send me money.
Just kidding, enjoy the game.

iPhone Updates

CyberCity, Valley
I always thought this was opened by a HongKong dude,
but no, its 100% Singaporean establishment.
Opened by a Chinese-Malay businessman.

Beef Brisket (Original) with Rice
Super portion size! Tasty too..

Old Town Kitchen
I call that imitation

4EB FM98.1 Radio Station

My next broadcast is the coming Sunday
same time - 8pm (Singapore), 10pm (Australia)
You may stream my show on the 4EB website

Old school air-conditioner switch

Jay's Calendar
and I thought I was the only one who likes Blythe

Meals cooked by Winnie (Mrs. Jay)

I like to read magazines in public transportation
listening to music..
It shuts me out from noisy poseur kids on the train
before they flood my blog

Sun Gourmet Dinner, Sunnybank
with Griffith SSA Gold Coast

My schoolmate, Leti

NISSIN Cup Noodles (Chilli Crab)
taste like crap compared to those you can buy in Singapore!

Stupid bank sent me an identical card



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