Saturday, April 17, 2010


Some photos of my home-made meals (sorta)...

Canned Soup with Bread

Canned Soup with more Bread

Chicken Rice
(from Mrs. Jay)

Fried Egg with Cheese

Its starting to freeze up in Brisbane
so I started using the heater..

Salad with Tobasco Sauce
Its a 100g mixed salad bag I got from Coles
The portion can last me for 3 meals
and after that I have little green fibre floating in the toilet bowl
Ok I figured no one wants to know that..

Wholemeal Bread with Turkey Ham and Cheddar Cheese

Anyways this morning, Randi and I found this weird 20+ years old
middle-eastern possum lookalike stranger dude loitering INSIDE our house
Upon questioning, he said he was waiting for his American friend, Andrew
who lives here and is moving in today
So he's juz gonna sit around for the his friend and the agent to arrive

Hello? Its Saturday at 7.30am?
This is Brisbane! Such a bad liar.
Randi kicked his terrorist-ass out of our door.
Guess she's more of a hero than I am..

Went to our beloved West End Market again this morning
with Jean Teo, Ah Rol, Mrs. Jay and Chris Egghead
The ladies were gonna buy groceries while us guys wanna take photographs

Dog Missing
Read: Massive Reward

What the pong is Chris doing?

The grocers actually scrubbed the sweet potato clean
before putting them up for sale..

Mrs. Jay bought some Kang Kong

This poodle looks like a teddy bear, yes?


Definitely a Michael Jackson fan!


Cello is Love



You need a kick-scooter to hook up Asian chicks in West End!

African Drum and Gem Stones

Chris got fans!

Kids selling chocolates for extra pocket money..

Everyone got themselves some organic coffee..

The ladies bought some greek pancake

Watch video here

Bumped into my schoolmate, Leti

She bought some delicious Greek Quiche

Have a great weekend!

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