Sunday, April 11, 2010


Saturday Morning

Visited the West End Market
with my French schoolmate, Leti

She bought her week worth of groceries
while I have the usual coffee + curry puff

You know you can get cheap fruits + vegetables here
when you see Asian customers - for sure!

I remembered visiting Arab Street with Seejin & Gen Goh
where this mute let me take a photo with his parot
which couldn't stop pecking at my ear ring
and left a poop on my shirt T_T

You can get your meats and fishes here too
I almost bought Kangaroo meat but they came in 938g packs
which I could not finish.

Lots of organic and farmer's produces here
Over here we have organic fizzy drinks - wow!

Brekkie, maybe?

You can get your goat, lamb and dairy cheese here too!

Organic paste

She sings lovely!

Leti from Alsace couldn't resist a German delight

They give you recycled GREEN BAGS here mostly
Aussies try to recycle as much as possible

(Bring your own children)

I dunno, do we eat this?


Reminds me of Stacey Tham's Panda

Had an hour-long swim at the Community Pool
I like to swim, it gets my mind off things.
Anyways the pools here have minimal chlorine
and no lifeguards during non-peak hours and days
and its AUD4 per entry

This is my hand-made low quality coin purse

Coles Supermarket closes early during the weekends
but I know where to get my fixes cheap
10% discount at Korean Minimart opposite my place

These lil insects that looks like grasshoppers
likes to sit around my study lamp before rains

I'm a baby

Dinner was Cup Noodles
You gotta give it to China
Its legendary for cup noodles - the white packet is tender beef cubes!

While waiting 3min for my cup noodles to cook..

How delicious does it look?
Its super awesome! I'm gonna stock up 10 more packets!


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