Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday 2010

Easter Surprise for Boundary Street

Woke up too early so Ivy and myself
decided to spend the morning
at South Bank

Here we are at South Bank,
Gardens Point, about 15min walk from West End

Though it was Good Friday and most shops were closed
The market was opened for business

This is an artificial beach
built up as a recreational leisure site
beside the river

Gay Party? I don't know..
Straight men do not wake up at 8am for a swim.

City Seagulls

EF-50mm f/1.8 II (mine)

Taking flight

Chocolite Ice-cream

Double-pay on Good Friday

Panning Shots

Wheel of Brisbane, South Bank
Height: 60m
Duration: 12-15min
Price: $15 (adults), $10 (child), $42 (family of 4), $95 (private gondola)

More photos here:

iPhone Updates

Graffiti on the bus
I know its a shaky bus ride,
but work on the handwriting please!

AJ Vietnamese Noodle House
Brisbane City
(I don't know about Vietnam
but in Singapore, AJ refers to Gay people)

Its always a pleasure to find my favourite beverage
Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea

Had a lovely dinner with the SSA people

Verdict: Nothing gay about it, quite tasty in fact

After that went to watch Clash of the Titans
at South Bank Cinema

It was free-sitting
Luckily we went early and got the last row

Here's a taxi-booking machine
You insert coins and wait at the machine

Ways to Prevent Littering
1. Fine SGD500 for throwing a cigarette butt
2. Pay NEA staff to catch people flicking cigg butts/spitting with our tax money
2. Build Enviropoles for Smokers

Ways to Get Citizens to Stop Smoking
1. Increase cigarette taxes, but food and petrol prices never go down
2. Pay NEA staff to catch people smoking in undesignated areas with our tax money
3. Ban chewing gum (close substitute to cigarettes)
4. Kill smokers faster by lowering COE prices (more car exhaust in the streets)
5. Have print ads everywhere in the city about the harmful effects of smoking

You decide...

Lunch on Good Friday was at the famous Madtongsan
at Elisabeth Arcade

I went opposite to Kadoya to say hi to SSA people
and Ivy ordered a 7a and 7c with the waitress

But only hers arrived
I checked with the waitress and she didn't get our order
Ivy ask if her English was lousier or the Korean staff''s
I replied - "Its inevitable when the chicken talks to the duck"

7c - some beef bimbimbap

After that went to the Korean minimart nearby
and didn't buy anything..

A rare sight - hords of people outside the casino

The Conrad Treasury was closed for Good Friday
and reopened 12mn, so everyone was waiting to get in..


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