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Fraser Island

Foreword: This is NOT your guide to Fraser Island. However, I have included some useful information (such as permits, price, attractions) to which may be a helpful read if you were to want to plan a trip there to be eaten by Dingos. KING MING will not be responsible if you materialise what I wrote and ended up getting molested by aboriginals/natives, mated with dingos, mutated into a jellyfish etc

Arrived at Roma Street
Steve Irwin in a 4WD, bad sign!
T_T "Oh Crikey!"

Filled up some application
and death contracts..

Reg will be our driver and guide for this trip
in our little 4WD of 10 pax

A lil info about Fraser Island
Its an island located at the Southern Coast
of Queensland, Australia; 300km from Brisbane
Its inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1992
being the largest sand island in the world at 1,840km²
The original name of this island is K'gari (paradise)
The name Fraser Island came from a story of Eliza Fraser's
survival from a shipwreck on this island in 1836

Petrol/Toilet Stop

Check out the toilet flush
Its twist-knob!
Clockwise for half-flush, anti for full-flush

Pretty scenic lake with swans, ducks and other birds

Stop at Rainbow Beach
where we bought our dinner
Some bread and sausages
Insect repellant etc etc

They have these boxes where you can donate
your unwanted clothing to charity


We didn't get to the beach
cos it was a quick stop to buy groceries

This is what we call "Di di siao siao"

We are like tourists..

Do these roots resemble penis
or its just me?


City Botanical Garden has the exact same ship
of a different colour - tell me about creativity!

They told me Queensland is a retarded state..

Cute Beagle

Border Collie Puppy

Our 4WD head on into the barge
after a couple of hour's drive..

I was quite excited as
its my first time on the barge

We arrived at Fraser island after only 5min
on the Fraser Explorer barge
Barge permit is AUD90 (return)
Barge fees is AUD150/vehicle (4 pax) additional: AUD11/pax
4WD Entry Permit is AUD35
Also Fraser island is considered a managed recreational eco-area
So you will need to purchase a permit to drive a 4WD in
Vehicle Permit: AUD38.25 (monthly) AUD191.50 (annual)
However if you choose to swim across, there are sharks.

There is a speed limit of 80km/hr on beaches
and 30km/hr on inland tracks
and notice that our 4WD have side-facing seats
These 4WDs will not be allowed into Fraser Island from 31 December 2010
because 2 people died with 4 seriously injured in the 2009 during a car flip.
And it has a count of about 120 fatal accidents since 2003.
To date, there are no pharmacy or resident doctors on the island
and at 80km/hr speed limit on a 120km beach waiting for the ambulance to arrive..
So dangerous right?

Long drives along the Fraser Island 72-mile Beach...
thats 120km and probably the only beach in the world
that is a registered highway

Dylan, very annoyed with
the noisy PRC Accounting students sharing our 4WD
and the Reg for spelling his name as "Deli Su"

Finally we arrived at our campsite - Dilli Village
"Dilli" is a hand bag carried by Aboriginal women in older days
Its a camping ground fenced up to protect us from Dingos

There are facilities such as BBQ, picnic and lawn areas, picnic tables,
toilets and hot showers available for guests.
You can choose between cabin stay or camp stay (like us).
Two-bedroom cabin (max 5pax): AUD100/night
Half-cabin (max 3pax): AUD 60/night
Bunkhouse (max 2pax): AUD40/room night
Camp: AUD10/night (adults) AUD5/night (children 7-15)
Vehicle charge: AUD15/4pax and AUD2.50 for each additional pax
Camping permit: AUD5/pax night

You can also book a Scenic Flight
where you can watch whales in aerial view
on a jetplane or helicopter
costs around AUD110-265
depending on the package you take
Or you may opt for a 20min flight for AUD60

First stop is Lake Wabby
To get there we need to hike about 2km

Apparently, Fraser Island took pride that
their wild dingo species are the purest in the whole of Australia
So they are more ferocious and there has been cases
of children being eaten and adults assaulted and murdered by hungry dingos
When I mention "pure", dogs are actually not allowed on the island
to prevent cross-breeding

At the crossroad, we chose the 1km route
which will bring us to the Hammerstone SandBlow
the alternative is a 1.1km forest walk

Its super awesome
I regretted not taking a panorama of the scenery

Soft fine sand that you thought you may just sink into

This place is like a desert mirage!

I didn't dare to go too near to the Parabolic Sand Dunes
so here's a picture of it from afar
Pretty amazing shit!
Its like Geography Come to Life!
No idea what I'm talking about?
You need to re-do your high school.

Down the sand dunes is Lake Wabby
enclosed by the green hills
Lake Wabby is a Barrage Lake meaning hmmm..
it is formed by sand landing beside an existing stream/creek
overtime that blocks out and contain the water inside
This is what "Billabong" mean - Barrage Lake
The lake would slowly be covered by sand within the century

Kids brought their own boards here to sand glide
Its illegal..

Panorama of Lake Wabby, Fraser Island

Somehow I feel that Singaporean students here
look more like IT students no matter what we are studying
Sad huh?

Its tough to walk on sand..

Looks like a lot of fun, yes?
A few hours later, the ambulance and police arrived
probably cos some stupid kid broke his neck..

Large black Catfishes will swim pass you
and tiny fishes nibble on your leg while you swim

Fresh cool swim before we took
the 1.1km forest trail back..

Spells danger!

These blue little jellyfishes are found all along the shore
and it pops like a bubble wrap when you drive over them
They are the 'Portuguese Man O War' jellyfishes
However Aussies call them Blue Bottle
These jellyfishes made it impossible to swim in the seas
and I haven't started about the rips and sharks

Whats so special about these jellyfishes is that
one "strand"/piece of Blue Bottle is not a single organism,
but a number of zooids that came together to form its different functions
kinda like combining the Megazord or Transformer in movies
Their tentacles look like barbed hooks making them easy to stick onto you
and they releases huge amounts of venom
Blue Bottles can grow up to 10m long, so
"Don't Pray Pray!"

You can call me - Blue Bottle!

Now I know JUMP SHOTS are international

Next stop is the Maheno Shipwreck
"Maheno" means "Island" in Maori, this ship was built in Scotland in 1904
It was the world first triple-screw steamer weighing 5323 tonnes
served as a hospital ship during WWI

Later sold to a Japanese shipping company to be sold as scrap metal in Osaka.
On its way back it was hit by a cyclone and ended up on Fraser Island's 72-mile beach

72-mile Beach is lovely
but quite a bumpy bitch ride to travel through..

Eli Creek
It has a massive flow of 80million litres
of fresh mineral-free water a day
Imagine having that for menses

Reg told us we could "float" down the river
but he did not include we would need a board
so we went to lie down in the chilly water
ended up the PRC accountants thought there were
three crocodiles floating down the creek

Reg, our guide is about 40+ years old and unmarried
We thought there was something wrong about the pink bow on his 4WD
He explained that he found it at the beach some time ago
and put it up as an Easter Special

Ahhh.. Forever your love...
So Beach Boys right?

Guess who these nipples belong to..
(answer below)

It was getting dark and noticed that
there are ZERO street lamps in the region
We had to rush back to the campsite pronto
before the dingoes come out and eat us up..

Like fishing? There're an abundance of
tailor (July-Oct), dart, breams (May-Sept), mackerel,
shark, whiting, flatheads (Sept-Mar), Jewfish (May-Sept),
tuna, reef fish, red emperor, coral trout, maori cod and parrot,
roonies reef, mangrove jack and trumpeter..

We stopped by the shop at Eurong Beach Resort
Oh yea.. There are also resort apartments to stay in
that are like AUD130-270/night
and A-frame cottages at AUD150/night

Colourful Parakeets
One of the 120 species of birds found on this island..

We grabbed some light snacks which cost 2.5times
more the price than in mainland, Australia
and saw the one and only taxi on the island

Canis Familiaris Dingo
are one of the wild life you can find on the island.
They live up to 10 years and breed annually with 4-6 pups
Dingoes are scavangers so they pretty much
eat anything from berries to small animals.
And whatever you hand them.
In short, just skinny-looking wild dogs..
In 2001, a boy died from a dingo attack on the island
In 2004, a dingo entered a hotel room where a baby was lying on the bed
In recent newspaper, a German tourist were attacked by 2 dingoes at Lake McKenzie
Two Fridays ago, a male dingo pup starved to death near the beach

From afar we sighted the young dingo pup
and Reg stopped the 4WD for us to have a closer look.
He got off the car and the dingo was instantly attracted to our vehicle
thinking we may have food for it, strolled pass us and left.
It may be disappointing to have missed a fight between human (Reg) and dingo,
but sadly this shows that the dingos have been conditioned
to relate human to having food nearby.
Anyway this is a female as it has a tag on its left ear.

If you're a Dingo Fan, you may want to read the
Dingo Management Audit (2009) by QPWS here
Its about the efforts taken to ensure conservation/sustainability of wild dingos
on Fraser Island, stop visitors from feeding dingos directly (human food) or
indirectly (littering of fish offals), prevent dingos from attacking human,
ensure that dingos remained hybrids (did not mate with wild dogs) through DNA tests,
provision of dingo-proof garbage bags etc etc

Back at base..

We were allocated a 3-man tent...

...that comes with mattresses and sleeping bags!

There are warm water showers
that comes with soap, shampoo and conditioner - WOW!

Everyone then gathered to prepare dinner..

We made simple hotdog sandwiches
and went to look at the stars..

I have never see so much stars in my life
The entire sky was covered with so many stars
you need to check nearby stars to identify one
Not a sight you can see in Singapore, nor in Brisbane City

Panoramic view of our campsite at Sunrise (5am)

Dilli Swimming Hole

Since most campers were still asleep
I took the opportunity to take some macro shots

6.30am Breakfast time

We made Toast with Coffee
cereal was also provided with Coles Lite Milk

Reg offered us some juice
that was left behind by campers a couple of weeks ago
Only the British dude dared to drink it

Confucius say, "Every bread crump is different!"

Saw a HUGE-ASS red fly!

The couple staring at the ant nest..

... see the resemblance?

Drove to the Bakery to collect our lunch

Had a drive through the rainforest to our next destination
Sighted quite a few rare trees that we don't have
in our tropical Singapore forests

Noticed this one has got lil swiggy pen-marks on the bark?
Its caused by moths that feeds on its sap
creating nice swiggy patterns on the tree

The ride took us through the Scrub Lands..
(notice the layer of short ferns)

.. into the rainforest
(taller trees and less low lying ferns and bushes)

One of the oldest trees on the island!

They created these dunes beside the sand speed ramps
so that after a rain, water does not get collected on the tracks/trails
There are so many of these things along the way..

Central Station

Remember the Dingo Management Audit from earlier?
4.3.12 Action 61
“Food and gear lockers will be provided at selected campgrounds and where practical at popular beach camping zones, particularly those used by backpackers and hikers.”

Reg was complaining that some idiot put trash in these lockers
but come on, dingoes can rip open the trash bags!
Who's the idiot?

Some waxy scaly tree barks
I was touching it and Vanessa the PRC Accountant said
"Be carful, that one has got posion!"
I think I know who's brains got poisoned..

This Central Station site has served many functions over the century..

Look! Barbeque pits!

One too many Dingo notices..
Its getting boring!

Ah there! The name of our campsite came from
this aboriginal lady handbag - Dilli
Similiar usage compared to your Gucci handbags today
only you don't get snatched so easily
cos it doesn't come with a sling/handle (I think..)

The Japanese were here!

Ghost Oak or Pine or something
Yea.. These white trees!
I realise I like nature walks..

Wanggoolba Creek

We look pretty shagged out
compared to yesterday..
Yes, I'm wearing my DRAGOS/OPHIX t-shirt

These scavanger plants have their seeds flying all over the place
cling onto trees and grow their roots downwards
wrap itself around the tree and strangle the main tree
till it dies off.. in human context = Women

In a real boardwalk, trails are designed to dodge trees
This is one of the features..

The King Fern
Pretty amazing plant that dates back to the dinosaur age
It lives on the water pressure from the creek
and pumps water inside like a heart

Lake Birrabeen

We came here instead of Lake McKenzie
cos it was too damn crowded there..

More dingo alerts..

Super clear ice cold fresh water!

Playing frisbee with Reg, PRC Accounting dude, French girl,
Korean tikopek and 2 PRC girls from another 4WD
or you may suntan with Japanese school girls
who wore makeup to the lake..

Lunch in the nature..

Goodbye Fraser Island

Stopped by Noosa to drop off
the British campers..

We went to buy some ice-cream

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