Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ivy cooked Fried Rice for dinner

Anyways it was Easter Saturday
The Photography Club is heading Mt. Glorious today

But before that, we got some important stuff to do...

1. Pick up Egghead Chris from his brother's place

Holy crap.. Gangsters on road!

Check out this park..
and go take a look at Pasir Ris or Bishan Park

2. Grab some food/snacks for the road

and of cos, a pit-stop for Ivy
who has motion sickness


3. Drop by Gorm's place

It was a huge-ass house that is designed like a resort
Perfect place for retirement

Cute old dog

Influences from Bali Destinations..

Fruit trees in abundance

...and soon, it was time to conquer Mount Glorious

Endless winding roads..

and finally - Mt. Glorious
This mountain is part of the D'Aguilar Range
in the suburb of Moreton BayRegion
about 30km Northwest of Brisbane
Popular spot for a pinic or a hike

Chris trying to perform some sorta magic

Muddy Path

Can you see a face on the tree?

Everybody loves a lil Limbo Rock..

Mushrooms that look like lil jellyfishes

Why do trees need plasters?

No idea what this is..
Probably a pepper shaker used by Giants

Egghead Gandalf

Check out its lovely tail..

Westridge Outlook

Breath-taking sight
600m above sea level

Everyone took out their cameras


iPhone Updates

This was on the skies of Brisbane City
on Good Friday evening around 5pm
Photo taken at West End

Salvation Army City Performance

Watch video here

Breakfast at Jimmy's with Yen

According to Jay, the AUD100 Bill was not a common sight
as automated teller machine only withdraws AUD50 notes
Few years back, his Aussie schoolmates claimed
to have not seen them before

Had a Club Breakfast
This one has got Fried Eggs, Sausauges, Hash Browns, Bacon, Tomato, Toast, Arugula, Baked Beans

Yen eats Omelette

Easter Twister


Cath said...

Stop calling Chris egghead! kk thxbai

Huey An said...

Big Breakfast.. and you told me before you dont usually eat breakfast no wonder your getting bigger. Take care man! eat loads!