Saturday, April 10, 2010


Went to Byron Bay, New South Wales
with my peeps from SSA

Arrived at Main Beach after a long drive

The beach was pretty alright
Two-layered waves and packed with sun-tanners..

Lunch was at Fish Heads

Pretty cheap food compared to Brisbane

With me today are - JT, Ian, Matt and Rachel

Without a doubt, service is better at NSW
People are friendly unlike arrogant, racist Brisbane

Waiting for our number to be called
It was a popular takeaway shop

Always Coca Cola.. Internationally!

Rachel got her picture taken with this beefcake
who was also waiting for his Fish & Chips

Seagulls pretty much eat anything and everything
Over here, french fries could be their main diet

We found a nice spot for lunch..

Family Pack AUD45
4 Fish (Grilled/Crumbed), 4 Scallop Potato,
4 Scallop, 4 Calamari,
4 Shrimps, Chips, 4 Tartar Sauce

Buttery tasty
Very unhealthy.. but totally value for money!

The shopping village/area is VERY TOURISTY
You get common surf brands like Billabong, Rip Curl
and many craft and novelty shops..
Not my ideal kind of destination

French Wines for sip-at-the-beach

World Famous Hog's Breath
Tender steaks, very poor service - thats about the same as in Singapore
Yes, we have outlets at Holland Village and Chjimes

See what I mean?

Lots of Byron products such as candles, coffee, cookies etc

Notice there's a Buskin' Robins behind..

There - AGAIN!

AUD10 each - very lucrative!

You don't really wanna wear surf brands in Australia
(Not only in Byron Bay or Brisbane)
cos everyone here wears the same shite
Its always the same o' Rip Curl, Billabong, Volcom

Postcards AUD1 each

This is a very hippie place
Kinda like West End Market

Tourist Trap

Out of 10 dogs you see in Australia,
4 are kelpies, 2 chihwahwa, 1 german shephard,
and 2 of paria or mixed breed
Aussie dogs are very friendly, pretty harmless
and good with children, people and other dogs,
compared to those in Singapore
You very rarely hear them growl
probably cos they don't get kept in stressful small apartments
You can never see a transporter in a vehicle
They usually take the back seats with their tongues out of the windows

Heading towards the famous Lighthouse
at Cape Byron

Air Gliders (I don't know what you call these)
You can have a go at AUD125 for 20min

They have these pods for you to mount your cameras on

Inside the Lighthouse

The lighthouse dude said that long time ago
They used 2.2million candles to light up the lighthouse

From the Lighthouse, there's a path
that leads to the Most Easterly Point of mainland Australia

Packs of Dolphins frolicking in the water
Jumpin' in and out of the sea!


From here, you can take a walk down
to see the Julian Rocks (from an old Volcano)

Lots of colourful Parkeets along the path
They don't sing very beautifully, but you may..

.. watch them feed on these honey sucklers thingamagik

Only 2 of us came down to see the Julian Rocks
cos the rest are too lazy..

Heh.. We like to put our lives at risk!
Anyhows I have good travel insurance coverage..

Not an easy way down, not advisable for sissies and children!

Flash & Splash!
Ian stopped at this point, but I went further down
cos I love to touch Basaltic Rocks
(yes, beside tree barks, leather seats and boobies)

Its like Solid Lava versus Wave Erosion

Nope.. no crabs
Only clear sea water

a couple of sea snails
and a handful of barnacles
(I suppose barnacles and mussels
prefer to stick on wood surfaces)

It was getting quite dangerous
as the waves are pretty stong and eating into the shore

These anglers are sorta stuck on the rock
but they didn't seem to be bothered
They probably are starving, fishing for food
or are looking for handicapped welfare cheques
For 前途无量 King Ming,
I'm gonna take a few more shots and escape!

I find these rocks fascinating..
They were liquid, ya know?
Really hard with sharp edges!

Took some panorama along the way
but I'm too lazy to sort them out
(click images to enlarge)

Time to escape!

I was using my EF17-40mm f/4L USM
So you can imagine how close this bird was -
about an arm's length from me!

There was a lovely wedding solomisation at Cape Byron..
I wanna have my wedding held here too!
(if I were to ever change my mind about marriage)

Found the lazy Singaporeans eating ice-cream
at the cafe beside the Lighthouse..


Back to the shopping village/town/area..

This shop makes crafts out of recycled oil drums

Then again..

I love these old-school VESPAS
Used to have a VESPA dream that was lost somewhere
years ago.. In Singapore, we call this type the "A-platers"
Meaning, they are almost as old as I am
These are PX series that your "ah pek"s ride
but the seats are lower and has a round nose (instead of square)

I had wanted to live a simple life
a house by the beach, have a small garden at the backyard
VESPA an hour for groceries and essentials
During free time, ride along endless coastlines
with the one I love..
*POOF* back to reality!

This shop has an old school theme
Old tin toys, cardboard luggages, film rolls etc

Lubitel (the grandfather of Black Bird Fly)

Okaayy.. I never knew Hang Ten was a surf brand till now.
Still love Vivian Hsu though..

From 2nd level of Balcony...

... you can have a cuppa
and watch barely clothed teens along the streets

Ordered a Cafe Latte here at Balcony
The espresso was good, but the steamed milk
was nothing more than light badly steamed bubbles - FAIL!

See not everyone can make coffee,
throughout my stay in Australia I've complained once
to Gloria Jean at West End Coles

I still spend time looking at electric poles
We never had em' in Singapore..

If only the owner knew
WhyNot! is the name of a gay pub in Singapore..

More hippie stuff..

Yes you can have Poppyseed pastries in Australia
Thats actually Opium seeds for you!
Taste like sesame, a different kinda fragrance
But does not give u a high or boost in any way.
So I've no idea why it was banned in Singapore
note that it makes your urine "unclean" for drug tests

Rent your surfboards here
A bodyboard cost around AUD30 for 3 hours
with a deposit of AUD90
I think they wax the boards for you

Meet Jengo!

Next stop was Elephant Rock, Gold Coast

You know its Gold Coast
when the waves has at least 3 layers
Take it from the ocean, mate!

Panorama from our last stop - Mt. Cootha Lookout
Long exposure, f/4.5 15"
Left after the shot cos the place is obviously for couples

I just watched Season 1 Episode 12 of
Two And A Half Men, Camel Filters + Pheromones
Megan Fox is so hawt! SO HAWT!
Fuck me senseless~~


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