Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brisbane [Sun-Tue]

Chloé joins Sara for a nice session of
late-night guitar at our house patio

Adopted a new plant

SATURDAY 17April2010
Noticed that my room went through
a change of fengshui

The staff at Coles convinced me that
Marlboro Lights changed to a white packaging
and insisted its the same as this Marlboro Gold

Was invited to the Jay household for makan
The Vietnamese community was there too
They make delicious food!

On the menu today..
Kang Kong, Fish, Chicken, Pasta, ABC Soup

Yam Seeeennngggg!

SUNDAY 18April2010
The Gunshop Cafe
Best Breakfast Restaurant in Brisbane 2008 & 2009 (Restaurant & Catering Queensland)
Best Cafe in Australia - FEB 2010 (Delicious Magazine)

Its located about 30 steps from where I stay
Recommended by Mr. Ben Cassim
and I'm here finally this morning!

The ambience was lovely
Old school brick wall, fresh flowers
and steamed clean forks and knives

You may find a different menu on the website
They make slight changes to availability of items

Black Pudding | Poached egg | Potato bread | Calvo nero | Apple and prune compote

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon | Sourdough | Poached egg | Spinach | Hollandaise

There's even an outside seating area
where you can enjoy the morning sun

Food Quality: 10/10
Food Presentation: 10/10
Food Portion Size: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Beverage Quality: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Remarks: A must-try in Brisbane!

50 Mollison Street, West End
Monday 7am-2pm
Tuesday-Saturday 7am-late
Sunday 7am-12.30pm

A few photos from Dylan's Fisheye..

Fraser Island, 2010

Byron Bay, 2010

iPhone Updates

Some things I don't use
but carry with me years after years..

Went to HANABISHI at Roma Street

The rice was too soft
nigiri falls apart easily
variety was disappointing
Return Factor: Probably Not

Sunday's Dinner at SAWADEE KA, West End

Moo Yang with White Sticky Rice
It wasn't too bad

The Three Monkeys (West End)

Mocha Ricotta Cake

Did my radio show
Remember to tune in ok?
4EB FM98.1
Sundays 8pm(SGD) 10pm(AUS)
You may steam live on Winamp/WMP from their website

McDonalds' Drive-thru

TUESDAY 20April2010
My very unhealthy breakfast
Deep-fried Egg with Cheese

Damnit! Someone stole my Sprite AGAIN!

I wrote a very nasty note
and soaked the oral-contact part of the canned drink
with Tobasco sauce!

But after a while, I thought
If I can afford my LVs and G-STAR RAWs,
the more I should have a big heart and generosity to the poor soul
who obviously has no shame and poor upbringing
I should have compassion and pity for him/her instead of vengence

So I cleaned up the Chilli sauce and removed the note
and this time, I put TWO cans of Sprite
If he/she is really so pathetic to afford his/her own Sprite
or decided to remain as a thief for the rest of their lives,
you can take it! It doesn't cost me anything much.
But please leave one for me at all times.

Went to The Gunshop Cafe for lunch
with International Student Ambassador (Brisbane), Kelly
(You see my tip at a restaurant already cost more than a can of Sprite)

The lunch menu looks interesting
and I'm very spoilt for choice

smoked chicken and avocado salad w. asparagus | marinated artichokes & macadamia pesto

seared hervey bay scallops | spanner crab & corriander mousse, tempura zucchini flowers | micro herbs and salad greens | nam jim dressing
The scallops were actually fresh, not frozen!

The food looks awesome right?
Its super!
You have to eat it AT LEAST ONCE
during your stay in Brisbane!

Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones
The Queensland Art Gallery
27 Mar - 27 Jun 2010
Gallery 4

You get to see lots of amazing hats
dating back to the 18th century!
Oh yes.. No photography Allowed by the way!

Designer hats by
Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Christian Dior etc

Hats worn by famous people
such as Janet Jackson etc

There's even a hat making station
where you can build your own hats
Materials are provided
You can create your most outrageous hats!

Ok! I followed instructions,
but the shape turned out funny
So I decided to make it funnier..

And now for the Hats Fashion Show

International Student Ambassador Collection
Autumn 2010

Louis Veethong Collection
Autumn-Winter 2010

Watch video here:

Win your exclusive LV (Louis Veethong) Hat
by tuning in to 4EB FM98.1
on Sunday 8pm(SGD), 10pm(AUS)
One lucky listener who makes a dedication
with the best message wins!
Remember to include:
"Win LV Hat!" at the end of the email.


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