Monday, April 26, 2010


Today is Anzac Holiday!

Went to Kelvin Grove to have lunch
with Kelly, Kelda and Geraldine

Lunch today is at PIZZA CAPERS
Kelvin Grove Village Centre

Fries from NANDO'S

The pizzas were super awesome!
Very fresh, very tasty - good value for money..

After that we went to the KG Household's

And its time for ROCK BAND!

We jammed till 6pm
and Kelda came out to switch on the lights for us..

Dinner was Steamboat at Jay's

The highlight tonight was Wagyu Beef and Scallops

Faith made special Hot Pot Sauce for us..

Eldereth, "漂亮漂亮"

The Jay Household



After David woke up
we played rounds of Werewolf
Its what we call Polar Bear in Singapore
but slightly more complicated


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