Saturday, March 20, 2010

West End Party Up + Saturday Market + Radio

Ok ya.. I know its been a while
since I last blogged.
Been really busy taking naps.
So there! Let's start from Friday..

19 March 2010 (FRIDAY) P.M.

It was Grete, Kristin and Irena's birthday
So they held a house party at our place..

One of the rare sights - an Asian
Wait.. thats me!

Trent (Superman) and Gorm

The tasty chocolate cake
Norwegian girls sure can bake!

Grete doing the "Chao Outside!"


Ingvild and Ivy

Gorm and his girl, Van

Luka from Italy

Gorm in love..

It was a pretty damn good party
the police came and stopped us

More photos here:

20 March 2010 (SATURDAY) A.M.

Trent and Gorm dropped by to visit

Winnie was doing Jay's laundry next door

Chris and myself are here today
at the Saturday West End Market

Cupcakes, anyone?

Very popular stall - Iced Chai Tea

OMG! Bah Zhang!
(Chinese Rice Dumplings)

Lots of buskers as well..

The juice van

Curry Puff and Spring Rolls

Gypsy Coffee

Very tasteful packs of Jungle Beans

Fortune Telling for you, maybe?

Paw Paw = Papaya

Chinese Massage seems to be a very "IN" thing here

Soaps for the Smelly

Asian Religious Art are also very "IN"
Buddha statues, prints and paintings sells well

I love Cello

African Art

Brisbane High School Rowing Club

They don't look too new, do they?

For the furry ones..

Vendor's kid playing with his fishing rod toy
I guess every boy played fishing games
before they started playing with their own rods

Fresh Flowers

Buddha Art

Bittergourd = Bitter Melon

Chris thought these were Monkey Testicles

Cassette Tapes

We should hang this on our chests

Brisbane High School Ladies Kick-off

The girls doing warm-up!

The Chicken Man

Mud Crabs

Bumped into our French neighbours
Chloe and Seb

Cycle me to the stars..

Chinese Child Care Centre

Bleeding Tree

Find the Tiger Spider

Chris says that, if you were to see shoes on the cables
The next right turn will bring you to a drug dealer

Clothes were left on the streets for the homeless
In Singapore, you'll either be fined by NEA
but that probably won't happen, cos there's always a karang guni

More photos here:

20 March 2010 (SATURDAY) P.M.

SSA met up at South Bank Cinema
for some grilled burgers

I forgot what they call this burger
Queensland Huge-ass Burger or something..

Fiona, give me back my burger thanks

Oh no... How am I gonna eat it?

But I took it like a MAN!

Some funky mural at the restaurant..

Next stop was The Three Monkeys again..

After-meal coffee are always awesome!

Dylan, Sean, Jay and Winnie came along
Since its so near our place

Faith and Yen

Winnie and Jay
the West End couple

21 March 2010 (SUNDAY) P.M.

Went to THE FOX for dinner
Dylan and Jean

Kai and Kendrick

Me and Fiona
(Her eyes are opened)

Doctor Teo

The Buzzer

Dylan can't eat Beef
so he ordered Fish & Chips

Steak AUD 2
Chips + Salad AUD 3
Total: AUD 5
Noticed I ordered Medium?
The last time I had my usual Medium Rare
It came kinda Rare, but this was Stone!
But shit! Where can you find AUD 5 steaks?

The staff made a msitake and gave us 7 steaks for the price of 2
How awesome, we saved...
AUD 5 x (7-2) = AUD 25

I have no idea what Yen was trying to do..

Anyways it was a great gathering..
After that we went to Jay's house to slack and chill
before heading to the studio..

Here we are at 4EB FM98.1 Studio
Its an Aussie radio station

Setting up the volumes and music playlist..

Richard switches on our mic to test the volumes

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. and 1..
You're ON AIR!

Anyways its a Mandarin programme
as much as we speak in Singlish,
its a Chinese-based show..

Hosts today are
Tang Yuan, Nai Cha, Na Na and Xiao Ming

Our show is on Sundays 10-11pm (Aussie)
thats 8-9pm (Singapore)

You can stream our programme Live! over the internet
from 4EB FM's website at

Here's a short extract from our show on Sunday..

Watch/Listen here:

iPhone Updates

My Jungle Campus..

This is kinda like a common sight in campus
Left-over food, ants etc
Aussies are too lazy to clean up after meals

Mt. Tamborine
Picnic with Griffith GC SSA

Went to TIMEZONE with Ivy and Chris
to shoot some hoops
Ivy is pretty damn good
We won at a tie score

Scenery behind BUSINESS School

Breakfast with Kai
after returning the car
The omelette is bigger than her face!

Fuckin' steam! The black ones are mushrooms..
I marry whoever makes this kinda breakfast for me every morning
Fat/Ugly girls may not apply, thanks.

My all time fav. cake is - Black Forest!

Harmony Day @ Griffith
Some huge-ass JENGA game

Some water lizards near the computer lab

Huge bird at Merlot Coffee (Griffith)
when Amanuma-kun and myself were having coffee

And I thought Chinese have more respect for lecturers..

Huge-ass Possum in my campus during the day!
I am seriously suspecting that my school is a Zoo..
You can even see noctornal animals in the day

Roast Chicken Rice at Little Singapore
SUCKS! Go for the Steamed one
This roasted version imitates Hong Kong style distastefully!
You know? The crispy salt + plum sauce skin style?

Amanuma had Crispy Noodles with Seafood
and he enjoyed it thoroughly!

Fried Chicken Rice from Happy Days
Looks more like Nasi Goreng Ayam
with lots and lots of PEA
Note that they removed the beansprout tail
How many F&B establishments actually bothered?

Some day later.. Chup Chai Peng
at Happy Days. They have the same dishes everyday..
And I'm alwyas eating the same Chai..

Chris likes to eat at Happy Days too!

Dinner today.. George Street

I must first tell you how much I hate Singapore's Ajisen;
they're really so horrible I swear my dog won't eat it!
Let's hope this one at Brisbane will change my mind..

The menu item is pretty much the same..

Real chopsticks instead of wooden disposable ones..
Service is by authentic Japanese staff..
Ambience is bright and inviting,
restaurant plays soft classical music

I ordered Miso Chashu Ramen
AUD 14.50
One thing I hate most when I eat ramen is a hard boil egg
Ramen eggs are supposed to be soft and runny with an orange yolk
But this miso chashu ramen has got great soup
and very tasty chashu (roast pork)
definitely beats the Singapore chains hands down
In addition, service was FANTASTIC!
Shame on you - Ajisen, Singapore

Set B comes with a Chicken Chunk Rice
The Chicken Chunks are fragrant and tasty
Kinda like mini Tori Katsu
Rice is fragrant and perfectly cooked
Additional AUD 7
Comes with a canned drink of your choice too!

Winnie has Ajisen Ramen
AUD 12

Kendrick has Katsu Ramen
AUD 16
He says that its super!

Black Sesame Ice-cream
Lacks texture and fragrant
but wat do you expect from a pre-packed?
However compensates with creamy taste.

Melon Sorbet
Very nice! =)

Guava Sorbet
Super nice =)

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum..

[General Rating]
Food Quality: 8.5/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Beverage Quality: 9/10 (Pokka)
Service: 9/10
Ambience: 9/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Remarks: Doesn't beat Tampopo but pretty damn impressive for Ajisen!


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