Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Photography - Botanica Gardens

Sunday Morning
Gorm drove the Boundary Street Photography Club
(KING MING, Chris, Ivy, Gorm)
to Botanical Gardens

Lock and Load

We're supposed to cross this bridge
to the Botanical Gardens, Brisbane

Saw some nice Water Lizards

Chris the Lizard Hunter
He actually climbed over the fence to get a better picture

Metalica Pelicans

Bleeding Love

Maritime Museum

Panning Shot of Cyclist

In the middle of the bridge
there was Merlo Coffee
I think this is quite a popular brand
cos there's one in my campus and QUT KG also

Coffee for everyone
Prepared by the friendly barista lady

And her baby
They have the same eyes..

Weird, isn't it?

I told Ivy these are Cheese
and convinced her that Cheese really grows on trees

When I was in Elementary School, MBS
we used to pluck these flowers in our garden
and suck the sap


Bay Leaf

Trying-to-be-sexy Kangaroo

EF 17-40mm f4/L
plus 32mm extension tubes

Housewife Felatio
I meant

See what I meant?

Reminds me of a scene from 十面埋伏




City Botanic Gardens


After the shoot, we went to
Little Singapore

Roast Duck Rice
AUD 10.70

Roast Pork Belly Rice

Nasi Lemak

Mee Goreng

Char Siew Rice
(BBQ Roast Pork)

Does this prove a point that
Caucasians love to use chopsticks whenever possible,
especially when eating Asian Food

Not in Denmark

Or Australia, though..


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