Monday, March 29, 2010

Life in Brisbane

第6570天的夜晚 爱情 醒了
在37.8℃中 狠狠的 相爱
3/4的 雨水 1/4的 我和你
这句话 我将锁在18岁的 夏天
灼熟的名字 在23.1n 121.5e中 蒸发

Jay's housemate, Ah Har made some
Vietnamese Fried Rolls
Super delicious!

Everyone loves it!

Blue Cheese with Crackers

I bought a
"Caroline" Guzmania for my study table
Can't live without plants in my room

Man at Work

Was invited over for dinner

Winnie cooked Prima Taste Mee Siam

Jay helped to distribute the Lime Juice

Pretty Awesome, right?
And its tasty!

Went to Wilston Station..

To check out Nuggets Thai Boxing Gym

Dinner was at
Hot Wok Cafe City
at Elisabeth Arcade, City

10% Discount for Students

Its actually curry

Fighter with Laksa

Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

Pseudo-fighter with SSP

Went to Unilodge with Sammy
His room has a river view - Wow!

Played some card tricks
and a couple of Jack Daniels

iPhone Updates

Click on image "Save As" into your phone
to cheat during your eye tests


My Burmese project-mate, Zin

Dinner at
Indian Kitchen, West End

Missisippi Mud Cake with Latte
The Three Monkeys

The very lo-so lecturer at 2105HSL

Love to watch Blinky Bill
when I was younger
I think I can still sing the theme song..


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