Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brisbane - Day 32-33


Lunch at HANAICHI (Queen Street)
Its easily the most popular fastfood in the area
Always crowded with long queues

I had Teriyaki Chicken Don
Pretty good stuff.. Cheap too!

Eating with me today are
Audi and Fiona Chang

Later, Mrs. Jay joined us
cos she was nearby at Elisabeth Street

After they left for school,
went to TimeZone with Mrs. Jay to waste time
Shoot some hoops..

Played Air Hockey too..

I won her by 5 points
Now I'm convinced she only know
how to cook and do laundry

Wanted to play this
however was filled with compassion
as the mole-rat looked like my Geography lecturer from CJC
So went to hit crocodiles instead..

Went to the Reject Shop
to look at peas..

.. Fruits and vegetables..

Plant your own mushrooms
How convenient! Spore colony!

Brisbane City Ibis

Manicure and Pedicure is pretty steep here..

After that went to watch
Alice in Wonderland with my housemate, Ivy

Its in 3D
Ohhh yeeeeaaahhh..
And you get to keep the glasses too!


Was invited over to Jay's..

Cos Mrs. Jay, Winnie is cooking
Singaporean Fried Kuey Teow

Replaced Clams with Chicken meat

Meanwhile, the West End Gangsters
were hanging out at the patio smoking up..

Tasted quite weird..
Hmm.. FAIL!
However their Vietnamese housemate, Ah Har
found it very to be very tasty

Paste comes in many different varieties!
Can be purchased in Singapore supermarkets.


Today Griffith and QUT representatives
are bringing you to
Brisbane City Botanical Gardens

Rememeber the mushrooms that looked like penis?
They got devoured by Ibis or houseflies..

Fei Fei chasing the Ibis around
saying, "Look look.. They are so stupid!"
I really wonder..
Anyway Aussie kids love to chase the Ibis around
they are not offensive birds

Facing Kangaroo Point..

These pretty looking fruits attracts birds
and animals to eat them
These animals act like carriers
they deliver the seeds of the plant to far away places
through their poop

QUT offers Social Escorts?

Parliament House
A popular site for Wedding Photography

KING MING and Fei Fei
will show you what types of photographs
the wedding couple can take here..

Bride Riding a Horse

Bride and Groom Fetching Pails of Water

Not kidding
we got chased out of the Parliament House
for taking stupid photographs..

Yes.. So we "chao-outside"-ed

Another activity Aussies love to do
Sit/Lie/Play on the Grass
Have a picnic, afternoon nap or play frisbee

Qantas planes fly above Brisbane City
every now and then, its not difficult to catch one
We have lots of helicopters too

Zin had to call me three times
to inform me that we have a project meeting tomorrow

No photo editing done
The skies in Australia is really THAT blue!

Sail the Seven Seas


Seriously, I've been here for quite a while
Seen plenty of Ibis, Kangaroos and Koalas
Where the hell are the Platypus?

Kick-ass Time

Back to the City

Man at Work

We went to have some Bubble Tea
This shop claims that their bubble tea
are 100% hand-shaken!

I ordered Avocado Milk

Went for my Contact Lens Appointment
I feel like a guinea pig
They poked my eyes 6,000 times
and I have to smell their breath =(

Evidence that everyone was waiting for Jay
for dinner at Sawadee Ka

Sawadee Ka
West End

Beautiful Thai-styled Asian decorations
Lovely ambience with traditional Thai instrumental music

Comfy cubicles for groupies

Diners today..
Mr. and Mrs. Jay

Fei Fei and Dr. Sui-Guan



Thai Dim Sims and Money Bags?
Somebody save me from the Dim Sim Mania!

Orders taken by a friendly Asian lady

It seems that Jay and Winnie
has got magnets on their palms
They are forever holding hands!

Pad Thai
AUD 14.90

Chunky Beef Soup

Thai Laksa

Thai Salad

The food were awesome!
Every Tuesday and Wednesdays Lunch
They have 10% off for Students!
We had a great dining experience there..

After meals at West End

African+Asian themed Cafe
that is ever so popular
Its crowded 24-7, long queues throughout opening hours

Cafe Latte
New York Cheese Cake

10% for Students at all time
Just flash your Student ID

Bought Korean Cigarettes - RAISON
May be too light, but definitely healthier

Spotted a huge-ass hairy bat
at Jay's backyard..

Sara tried to catch it

While Chris and I tried relentlessly
to get a good shot while dodging its Bat Pee




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