Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brisbane - Day 25 (Dream World)

Woke up in the morning to do laundry
I realise I'm always doing laundry and going supermarket
I'm becoming an aunty-aunty

Reached Hilton Hotel to pick Jacq up

Itinerary Planning at the Hotel Conseirge
Our choices:
1. Movie World
2. Dream World
3. Sea World

Black Bird Fly

Breakfast in the car
Hungry Jacks (Burger King)

After a short drive, we arrived at Dream World
Gold Coast, Australia

Well done, Kai!

Dreamworld Site Map

Pink Ray Ban gives me the creeps
Ok, in fact anything pink does
Its too Barbie!
Thats why I dun read Xiaxue too

Australian Wildlife Experience
Its like a mini zoo where u can see
and touch/pet some animals
Have your photos taken etc..

They are sorta from the same family as dogs
but not suitable as domestic pets

While Jacq was looking at Pythons,
this Aussie Granny came and pinch her butt
Jacq jumped and screamed and everyone had a good laugh

Its drives you crazy to listen to Jacq
calling out to the animals by their names
"Emuuuu.. Emuuuu.. Dingoooo.. Dingoooo.."
We need more Aussie Grannies, please.

It does nothing but dig all day..
Kinda cute and looks like a furry pig.

Baby Koala Bears
I remember going Perth when I was much younger
and was disappointed cos I always thought Koalas
were soft and fluffy but they turn out to be hard
and their fur were thick, rough and waxy

Penny Press

This was a fenced up area
but the little girl went under it and sat with the kangaroos
trying to feed them with soil
It was super cute
The zoo attendant had to carry her out

Click to watch video

Jacq wants to kiss everything

I'm your cup of tea

Ibis got lucky

Nickelodeon Stuff
All your favourite cartoon characters are here!
Spongebob Squarepants, Avatar, The Fairly Oddparents,
Invader Zim, Rocket Power, Wild Thornberrys, Rugrats,
Jimmy Neutron, Catscratch, Danny Phantom, Catdog,
Hey Arnold.. etc
I can name more but you won't know them..

Spongebob Fly Pants

Runaway Reptar

Catdog Pizza Shack

Oddly familiar picture of my head
being bitten by a shark..
Last seen in IKEA, Tampines.. TWICE


Laser Combat AVPX
Alien vs. Predator vs. You

We were in the YELLOW team
According to the story, we're the human race
who were affected by Aliens..
Objective is to defeat the BLUE team (human)

There's a counter at on our laser guns
My score reads 400
Lets see how we fair..

Zeus (MING) - 400
PIECEMAKER (Jacq) - 290
ZEPHYR (Kai) - 0
We're so lousy cos we come from a peaceful country
where guns and violence do not exist
Kai = Free Frag

Click to watch video

We went to sit THE CLAW
and came out really dizzy..

Jacq spotted a lil tigeress
and decided to befriend her

Next, we went to take this Wet Ride
Didn't know the girls were so afraid of water

Click to watch video

GOLDIE the Bride Clown
Jeez.. I hate clowns
They freak me out

Dead or Alive

Kenny and Spidey

Honey, I shrank Spongebob and Patrick!

What do you mean?
Another stupid Aussie signage.


I am an angsty driver

While Jacq was sleeping soundly in the car..

We saw a huge-ass rainbow!

Arrival at Surfer's Paradise
Gold Coast, Australia

While Brisbane is flooded with Ibis,
Gold Coast is flooded with Sea Gulls.

You know whats the difference?
Ibis lead a more disciplined life, they sleep after dark
but the Sea Gulls hang out in groups after dark
Such delingquents!

Kai had a lot of fun chasing after Sea Gulls..


They are actually quite cute
if they don't try to steal your food..



Hog's Breath Cafe
The home of Australia's best steaks
There's one at Holland-V and Chijmes
You may wanna try them..

I remember being here too
when I was much much younger..

For 25 days, I've seen all kinds of statues and busts
All of white men, even one of Confucius
Where are the Aboriginal scuptures?

Ripley's Believe it or Not
(Gold Coast)

A golden sunset..

Kids Haviannas
Super cute right?

The girls went to shop at City Beach

This is awesome!
Showers $1
To Watch $2

Surfer's Paradise Panorama
(click to enlarge)

Dinner was at
SEOUL BBQ Korean Restaurant

I'm not a huge fan of Korean food
So I won't be giving much of a proper review..

The restaurant feels very authentic
The style is very similiar to my experience in Seoul, Korea

You may push this knob for attendance
It makes a "Ding Dong" sound and
a Korean staff will respond with a "Yayyyy"
before running towards your table..

Da Jang Geum came to take order from us
She was so polite and pleasant
despite her disability to communicate fluently in English
She's also quite pretty, you'll have to forgive her!

Conventional Korean BBQ Stove
Couldn't understand a word written on it

Some salt paste..

Salad Greens with Horse-radish dressing

Some kinda jelly

Some kinda pickles with black sesame

Bean Sprouts

Some kinda potato rostii


Charcoal was placed inside the stove

Jang Geum helped us place the pork belly
and onions onto the grill..

With her experienced quick hands,
she began to display her skillful showmanship

We also ordered Chicken

Kai was actually also very skilled with the BBQ thing
One hand on the scissors, another on the food thongs
(By the way "Thongs" aka Panties actually meant Slippers/
Flip Flops here in Australia. They probably din't get the SISQO song..)

Some kinda soup
which tasted like Nong Shim Korean Instant Noodles
Has oysters, cucumber, egg etc inside
Comes with a bowl of rice

The Pork Belly is super steam!

The only Korean dish that I actually know by the name

Sausage and Vegetables

Pretty tasty! =D
It was a fun and engaging dinner..
Total Damage: Around AUD 75 for 3 pax

We wanted to go to Sunnybank Hill for Tau Huay (Soya Bean Curd)
but got lost. So I took a few failed shots of the stars.
It was a starry starry night..

When I got home, my housemates were
playing with the possums again

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[part 1]
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