Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brisbane - Day 22

Saturday Morning - Took a train to Gold Coast

Waited 1.5 hours till the Singaporeans arrived
Quite standard, we are not very punctual people
This random 15 year-old Samoan dude came to chat with me
Told me he lives in Kingston and everyone has a gun
Its pretty dangerous and he always gets into fights

Noticed that the Marlboro Lights here has orange filters
Anyway I'm switching to Lights and cutting down on smoking
cos people relates "Smoking Asians" to Chinese Nationals here
and I don't fancy the idea

Arrived at Tamborine National Park, Knoll Section
Its on a hill top, we're gonna have a picnic here!
Anyways I'm here with Griffith University, Singapore Student Association
However most of them are in Gold Coast Campus

I did't see much animals except crows, bush turkeys and ibis

As much as the sun was glaring,
the climate was at an all-time cool of 20 degrees celcius
Kinda shiok weather for a picnic!

The party of Singaporeans-Malaysians set up the pinic site

President GU SSA - Matthew brought his gas stove and steamer

The toilet was built on stilts
like a little hut

The tap water is brown

Scenery from the peak of Knoll Section was breath-taking
No sky-scrappers at all.. Just a stretch of green towards the horizon.

HTM oi!

While waiting for the rest of the food,
we had Doritos!

The stupid bush turkey kept circling us like preys
waiting for a chance to sneak in for a bite
We almost killed it for barbeque

Nope.. Not Jamie Oliver, the "Naked Chef"
but make a guess what we're having..
We have fried shallots, spring onions and peanuts on the counter

Everybody enjoyed the sandwiches
that the committee prepared for us..

Ladies and gentlemen, fragrant hot tasty...

Glutinous Rice
Prepared by Matthew

The guys couldn't stop tossing grapes
into each other's mouths

Next Stop - The Distillery

We didn't do that!

It looks like a nice little village by itself

With bronze statues that looked like
they come out and play at night..

Toys for the kids
while the parents get busy choosing liquor

This Distillery basically sells huge varieties of flavoured vodka
with hand-painted bottles..

You can find them at
Their distributor is located in North Bridge Road, Singapore.

Tasting is AUD 5

Not for me..
I'm not into sweet liquor.

The variety is simply amazing
From chocolate to lemon to lavender..

I kinda figured that the Malaysian boys
enjoys tossing almost everything..

Mount Tambourine Panorama


Next stop - The MT Brewery
Yea.. I know, this is getting to be like some
TP Educational Excursion Field Trip kinda

There's also a cheese shop!

You can have a tray of 4 tasters of MT Beers
from 10 of their variety
from light to dark for only AUD 10

The staff briefly explains the beers
and checked about the types that we may prefer..

He was very generous to offer us a sample of Stout too

Fresh cool beer!

Matthew had to drive,
so he had ice-cream instead..


I bought a Triple Cream Blue
for breakfast! Its super!

Next we walked 2 min to Gallery Walk
There're many cafes, wine houses, retail outlets

German Cuckoo Clock Nest
sells pretty amazing cuckoo clocks
Lets check it out..

Very costly too!

Next we went to have some warm hot pies

Each pie costs AUD 7.90

I picked Stroganoff

We have steak, mushroom sorta stuff inside

The best part is we didn't find the pies specially amazing
Jeez.. What a rip-off!

Robot with balls

We played pick-the-biggest-card on the mini-bus
the forfeit was to flick ear

Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus)

Its the biggest Griffith Campus
Probably land is cheaper in Gold Coast.. I think..

The library looks awesome!

Next stop was Natural Bridge

These hills were formed from an erupted volcano

It was sunset..

.. and we prepared ourselves for our GHOST HUNT..
Not! We're here to look at Glow Worms.

We have to walk with our torches and light
from mobile phones..

Visibility decreases with each passing minute

This is where we will be heading..
A cave behind the waterfall

Eroded rocks

I'm using ISO 12800 by the way
It was almost pitch darkness..

The glow worms look like little LED light bulbs
They do not move
and are not interactive
Pretty cool for first timers
You can't chase after them like fireflies
And you rub shoulders with bats flying around the cave
Girls will not enjoy this..

We found glow-in-the-dark mushrooms

We shone the torch in the forest to
find out what they actually look like

Well.. Nothing more than a little round bulb
Really tiny. I did some reading
and found out that they glow to warn predators
that they are mildy toxic
Also to attract food.. something like that.

It was freezing and
we were all starving already..

Last stop was Sunny Bank

We went to Little Hong Kong
I seriously dislike being in this place
The place is dirty, the Asians are guai lan (walking around in groups),
they're probably not poor, but they look like they wanna rob you
However the food here is awesome-ness!

The menu is of a 烧腊 establishment
Selling Roast/Braised Chicken, Duck, Pork etc

We ordered a few platters with rice

Chinese tea was free flow

Total Damage: AUD 64 for 8 pax
How cheap is that?
And the food is really good!

After that we went Sweet Dessert Shop
for our sweet endings

It was super-packed
and hords of customers were relentless.
I would assume that the desserts are from heaven..

Not at all. They're pretty mediocre.
AUD 4 for a serving.
Most items were out-of-stock by 9.30pm.
Thumbs down!

I had an awesome day with GU-SSA.


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