Friday, March 12, 2010

Brisbane - Day 21

Breakfast - Fried Egg, Coffee, Biscuits

Dreamcatcher at our backyard
I did it all, I put the pieces to the puzzle

Temporary Ash Tray

New Artwork in my room
Courtesy of Chris
Photo on Canvas

View from my Bedroom Window

watch video here

New Living Room Photo on Canvas
Courtesy of Chris

JK came to pick us up for dinner

About 5min drive to Spring Hill

No prize for guessing
we're having Steamboat

and watching DVDs

The Amazing Food Spread
Meat balls, dumplings, enoki mushrooms, quail eggs, sweetcorn,
beef slices, button mushrooms, crabsticks, bean curds, fish balls.. etc

One bowl is not enough!

The lady hosts check if the first round is cooked

Shabu Shabu Time

Absoultely delicious!
Quite miss eating some REAL Singaporean food
with decently cooked rice

And of course, great way to bond

More chicken stock for the steamboat

Everybody was busy eating
Especially Jay..

This lil kid sure can eat
Steamboat, Tidbit, Cereal..
Really does not justify for her tiny build

Jean and Carol

The i-phone 'Angry Birds' group

The 'Starcraft II' group

The 'Gay' community

Sure is awkward when Winnie isn't around
to intervene with the Jay-Kendrick Bad Romance

Jay tries to prove a point that
Kai's legs are thinner than his arms

Do the Roc-a-way!

Then we watched
Chaser: War on Everything
Strongly not recommended for Muslims

Time goes by..

We all had an awesome time!


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