Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brisbane - Day 17-18

Was watching stars last night..

.. during my smoke break from the tutorials.
Watch me dance.. One more time..

Aww man..
Its only my first week here!

Anyways as you can see..
New extension to my study desk - an IKEA desk
However not properly screwed in yet

Tuesday morning..
Lets take a look at my backyard

Tampopo (Dandelions)

And some weird desert bush growing over
from Jiajin's house..
Or just a deformed coniferous tree?

Ivy doing laundry at 6am.
You cannot imagine how hardworking she is..

The garage..

The haunted laundry room..

Leaf Litter
where the pigeons dig in every morning
quite a sight..

Garage turned into indoor clothes line room
during the rainy days
But hey! Today is sunny!

The stairs where Adrian and I
would sit down and smoke..

Chris, washed up and ready for work!

Our adorable French girl, Julie
also known as Pyjamus

KING MING scratching his balls
and using laptop in the morning

watch video here

Went to the nearby Post Office
to mail back some stuff

Huge crow on the tree..
Too many of them in Brisbane

The interest rates in Australia are pretty high
5% per annum!

The peaceful Police Station..
20 steps away is the laundary shop
where vandalism was reported
What do you think?

Bank goes environmentally friendly

Ivy practising her shots with her new EOS 450D

I've no idea who left this on the kitchen table
So not gonna eat it
Its like giving Snow White a shiny red apple

I love whispy clouds.. anytime..

Dinner was at
Little Singapore

Check out the cool sink!

The ambience is kinda like Old Town.
This establishment is opened by a Hong Kong-er

Menu items includes popular Singapore and Malaysian dishes
such as Laksa, Hor Fun, Mee Goreng, Char Kueh Teow.. etc
Prepared by China chefs..

Wa Dan Hor Fun
Very tasty! Could be better than the one in your neighbourhood

Yuan Yang
AUD 3.30 each
Rich and creamy, awesome Hong Kong Cafe styled

Hainanese Chicken Rice
AUD 8.90
Fantastic chicken rice. The chicken is smooth and tender
and boneless, the rice is fragrant pandan leaves, chicken stock, buttered rice
Chicken rice chili is awesome
Soup is overly salty, other than that - superb!

Overall: 9/10
Return Factor: 10/10



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