Sunday, March 7, 2010

Brisbane - Day 16 [MUSEUM]

Good Sunday Morning Singapore! =D
Woke up early in the morning today
and went to The Three Monkeys
for a Latte and Caramel Slice..

watch video here:

Anyways, today the Boundary Street Photographers
are going to the Brisbane Museum (GOMA)
for some photography session!

Featuring Chris (Nikon) from Australia
and Ivy (China, who just bought her brand new EOS 450d yesterday)

Gorm (Canon) from Denmark

KING MING (Singapore, Canon)

I'm having a glucose plunge now
after lunch, so just enjoy the photographs
and simple captions..




Using Gorm's Tamrom 10-20mm
Pretty awesome super wide angle!

And the distortion is kinda cool too =)

Ivy the student photographer

Went to have some coffee at the Museum Cafe

China, Denmark, Australia, Singapore

Check out the power of Extension Tubes


Pretty cool toilet basin

Yoshitomo Nara Art House
Chris drawing Bart Simpson

Left another work there..

Real Elk Inside..

I only realise today that
all the mini words on the mushrooms are from
The Heart Sutra

More museum photos here:

Lunch was at Jackpot Noodles..
Chris had Combined Meat and Vegetables Hokkien Noodles
but it looked nothing like Hokkien Noodles
So I thought its pretty funny

I had Steamed Chicken Rice
AUD 6.80

Gorm has Roasted Duck Rice

When I reached home,
the Norwegian girls are still lying on the couch.
I could film a video series call Couch Girls

Oh yea.. here's a failed panorama

By night, we went to feed our Possums
Yea.. there're 2 of them living
in the tree in our house

This one's the mother
The baby's somewhere in the trees

Mother bitch bit my hand
I think they're quite blind

Oops.. Yea I stole some of Julie's corn & peas
to feed the possums
Just a pinch, hope she doesn't mind

Nom nom nom..

Cute lil fella, isn't she?


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Anonymous said...

Interesting photography and some amusing comments. ENjoyed my visit