Saturday, March 6, 2010


Lets look at what everybody does in the morning
here in Brisbane City..

Grete makes coffee
and she was very nice to make me one too!

You can see me behind in my GL t-shirt

Ivy Gao grinds soaked soy beans
with the food processor and cooks soya bean milk

Randi makes herself some toast

She eats them with butter and cherry tomatoes

Ivy made me some soya bean too! =D

Then she starts chopping up vegetables..

For her complete breakfast of
soya bean milk and bee hoon
Total time taken - 30min

Meanwhile for Julie, its coffee and cigarettes

Adrian does coffee and cigarettes too
Kristin gets dressed for a barbeque
(wait a min.. why am I writing like a primary school kid?)

Meanwhile, Randi is all ready for the barbeque too..

Kristin waits for her patiently

Adrian says "Good Morning" to Singapore!

Bye ladies!~~

Meanwhile we borrowed Randi's milk
and Adrian made me another coffee
I'm so overwhelmed!

Walked to the nearby laundromat
to dry my freshly washed clothes

Met up with Dylan and Jay for Subway

Still couldn't finish the enormous foot long
this time round..
Student Meal AUD 10
Had Subway Melt + Drink

How morbid is this?
Barbie dolls decapitated

More evidence that Brisbane is not as safe
as we thought it may be..

Johanne with her bun/bagel with butter and ham
She looks like she wants to kill me with the knife, yes?

Meanwhile Grete cooked some Maggi Mee for lunch
Beef-flavoured, don't think we have that in Singapore

While I struggled to finish my other half
of the foot long sandwich..

Julie left me a note, that reads:
"Va te faire foutre!"

Woke up from my deep afternoon slumber
from Jay knocking furiously on my door
The living room was showing Malcom In The Middle
Ya know, their TV programs are all my favourite shows
such as Family Guy, Simpsons.. CLASSIC!

Grete bought some shitty wine
She let me try some
Said it was so bad she had to mix it
with SOLO (Some lemon drink here)

"Have one on the house!"

Kristin and the other girls are going to
Kelvin Grove for some kinda party
before Valley..
I don't know how they can be drinking almost everyday

Adrian has beer
All dressed up and ready to go, too!

I was just posing
It was so nasty I only took a sip
And oh! That was Chardonnay~

Check out the price column..

Carol, Jimmy, Jay and myself
walking to Dylan's House Warming

I think we were kinda late

There were quite a good spread of food..

Cha Soba, Kong Bah, Muffins, Roasted Meats..

The proud owners of the house
Dylan and Steve
No they are not gay nor married

Bah Kut Teh and Tuna Patties..

Livin' it up.. Singapore Style!

After weeks of observation,
I finally realise why Jiajin is so fat..
He eats A LOT!

Carrot cake, Spongebob Ham & Cheese Sandwiches..

Jay impressing the girls..

While Dylan plays his "COOL"

Cascade Beer we brought to the housewarming
DID NOT prove popular..

So we sat around, chit chat and watched television..

No idea what JK was trying to do
but Ken arrived late and everyone had to leave already..


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