Friday, March 5, 2010

Brisbane - Day 14 [SEXPO]

Came back from uni
to the sight of 3 Norwegian girls suffering from a hangover..

Walked to the convention centre to attend SEXPO
Yep, SEXPO is now in Brisbane City, 4-7 March 2010

Entry is AUD 25 for Adults
(Of course those below 18 won't be able to enter)
and AUD 40 for VIP

Follow me to SEXPO
which will you will never see in Singapore!

Pricasso - the guy who paints with his penis and ass
As seen on television in Singapore as well!

Happy Horny Herbs
Sells things like natural viagra, sexy smelly fragrance, spanish fly etc
Ya know, something like tongkat ali range

Stage with hourly performances
Lots of boobs and hunks ya know.. Yea..

They got lots of booths selling all kinds of things
Mostly kinky lingerie/uniforms and dildos/vibrators

Event Merchandises
I seriously wouldn't wanna be seen wearing these

This guy does caricature
drawing your heads on horny comic character bodies
for a fee, AUD 20, I think..

Psychic Corner
Old ladies with crystal balls and tarot cards
Nothing sexy about it..

You may volunteer to get whipped and scratched
Free of charge!

Guess the number of condoms
for attractive cash prizes!
Each condom pack has 6 condoms~~

Kinda like those scary train rides in amusement parks
Only difference is they have manequins having sex inside
Okaaayyy... AUD 4

These 2 ladies kissed and squeezed their boobs
for the cashier and got 1 for 1 tickets
Come on.. Its only AUD 4, please!

So am I supposed to hold on to this handle?

Or these?

You may also wanna put your head through
and have nice bodies like these porn stars!

This guy won condoms
but hitting the big penis!

Australian Penthouse Centerfold Girls
Not so popular cos they weren't even topless
Come on, you can do better!

Deep Muscle Chinese Massage
I think most non-chinese imagine all yellow-skinned people
to know some kinda kungfu
We will kung-fu your aches and pain away
and love you long time! Fuck you!

Sexy and acrobatic performances by the SEXPO Show Girls
The theme was school uniform kinda..
Actually I took videos, but I decided against uploading them
here and on youtube
Drop by my place I'll show it to you

Very nice bodies.. Really!

This guy hypnotises you to do crazy shit things
I thought it was real and voluteered
Its just a scam.. He's nothing more than a performer

Helpful Hunks Performance
You ladies like this, don't you?

He goes down the stage and hand-pick
lucky girls to be seduced by him on stage

3D Peepshow

RC Corner
Where remote control fans fulfill their dreams
of having helicopters and sports car
they can never afford in their entire life

Penthouse Girls Autograph
I don't understand why I would want any one of them
to sign on a magazine
The signature DOES NOT make the picture look any sexier
What do you think?
Then again.. They are NOT even topless!

Sexy Board/Card Games

Some aussies came topless - TRUE STORY!
These are just a group of them
who are really cool about posing for a picture
There was an old man who came B.D.S.M. with his young girlfriend

Maybe I should start walking around the city
just in my apron
Girls dig that, don't they?

The lame hypotist show

Kinky Lingerie and Uniforms
at really affordable prices!

Face and Body Painting
at a fee..

Stippers inside!

I was happily snapping away
not knowing that photography was not allowed
I don't really look at signs
as much as I'm from the FINE COUNTRY

Pole Dance Competition
Kinda like gymnastics, judged by 3 porn stars

Funny Mascots
Kinda cute, aren't they?

So the Strip Poker Game finally began
By evening, most of them are stark naked
Of cos you also have to bear with watching
some fat hairy man playing the game
You may queue up to join the game

More volunteered for the B.D.S.M. Treatment
Whip Whip Whip.. Candle Candle, Handcuff..

Spotted the Legendary Tenga
Its so awesome! For all you mountain turtles
who have no idea what it is.. Go search on youtube.
Its one of the best Japanese creation ever!

Returned home with lots of useless stuff
like massage oil, vibrators, sexy cream
Whatever they are for, definitely useless
to an Asian guy living alone in Brisbane =_="

Anyways here's where you can find the rest of the SEXPOtos..

Dinner was at Jackpot Noodles
West End

Daily Special was
Sizzling Mongolian Lamb with Rice and Chicken Corn Soup

Their menu is pretty much like a Singaporean 煮炒
(Stir-fried) styled hawker stall
Sells things like Chicken Rice, Beef Hor Fun, Sin Chow Bee Hoon

We were at number 34
Free seating, yes.

Chicken Rice
AUD 6.80
Totally different from what we have in Singapore
The meat is chunky and blanched greens
with normal plain rice

Sizzling Mongolian Lamb Daily Special
AUD 10
Hmmm.. Pretty similiar to Singapore styled Metal Plate Style (铁板)
However, used too much sweet sauce
which made the taste too overwhelming
Rice was properly cooked
Soup is very normal, starch + corn + egg + chicken + salt + water
Note that the chili is China styled

Then to Dylan's house to pang sai
Check out his toilet paper
(click to enlarge)

After that we went to The Three Monkeys again

Flourless Chocolate Mud Cake


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