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Brisbane - Day 12 [Museum]

Little notes Carol left
Reminds me of Sergeat Lean...

The rain didn't stop
but I went for my morning coffee
at Krispy Kreme.. my next coffee gets me free donuts
Anyone wanna join me?

Went to do my theory test - FAILED again..

So I decided to visit the museum
to hide from the rain..

The place is massive..
Full of Japanese girls and Aussie kids

They have many interesting and informative exhibits
that will arouse interest in science for kids..

This particular spinning the wheel thing
shows how sea shells can be found beneath the sand cover

It soon attracted a lot of kids
and they kinda fought over it..
Everyone wants to play a longer turn than the other

Lots of stuffed animal exhibit..
The landscaping is also very good
So it looks super duper realistic

Haha.. Sea Cucumber
Or what they call Sand Fishes
These are the very first trading Aussies have with China

Many huge-ass exhibits that are really impressive!

Kids love exhibits that you can interact with
Like this one here..
I would bring my kid here!

Many other stuffed animals
To let the kids understand how big/small these animals actually are
Its different from the zoo, cos they do not move
But you can be sure that your kid is learning in a safe environment
and most of all, its FREE and non-touristy

Notice the cat sneaking up on its prey...

Holy Moses.. What the hell is this?
According to the signages, this species is close to extinction
Kinda like a rat-rabbit sorta..

Also they have live exhibits
These Leaf/Stick Insects and Burrow Cockroaches
really gives me the creeps..

Microscopic Visualiser for kids to
super-size these insects and specimens

This kid is particularaly curious
He kept asking the staff about stick insects
and sharing his observations with him
Its really cool!

Also for the much younger ones...

I love Penny Press!
I didn't get mine cos none of the 4 designs writes
Brisbane Museum, they're just normal koala bears and kangeroos..
AUD 2 per penny

Recycled materials for the kids
and the kids in you, to build aeroplanes for exhibition
The heap is massive!

Their art museums also have massive exhibits
Mostly divided by the style of art
and of course by the different artists

Quite a lot of locals visit the museum
I think Singapore Museum really shouldn't charge us for entry!
We pay to see tiny exhibits in a cramped environment..
Value for money is really low

The Blue Alice

And everyone knows - Piccaso

No object implies the existence of any other..

I love this guy's works - Shooshie Sulaiman

Super awesome.. I wanna do something like that
on my wall too!

(click images to enlarge)
Look closely.. Got it?

This one also..
Quite clever!
By China/Taiwanese artists.

From afar, I spotted this little van
with very very familiar illustration
Its indubitably - Yoshitomo Nara
I'm a huge fan!

Lots of very visual presentations also
Like this one is a video
with little objects moving at its own pace
and causing reactiosn..

Exhibits from Indian artist
who travelled to Australia..

Lovely colours and very impactful works

Impossible-to-play Guitars

Even-MORE-Impossible-to-play Guitars


Great river view - art, too!

From afar these just look like racks of mushrooms...

On close up, there are actually many tiny
chinese characters written on each and every one of them..

Do you see a Sleeping Buddha?

This is on some of the promotional posters
Friggin' good work!

This is in Yoshitomo Nara corner
Its a little house with lots and lots of sketch books
Each sketch book has a theme on its cover

Like this one I've selected is

With the colour pencils provided,
I left some ugly cartoons to scare the noisy kids
who surrounded me, off..

One of the things I used to draw a lot..
The rabbit and the bear in yellow bikini..

Lee Ang's exhibits will be up soon
Of cos amongst all his famous work - Lust Caution (2007)
Featuring Tony Leung! What?

Thats a song, I used to jam with Peepshow
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop.. Love it~~

Tasteful design of plain paper
You must be wondering how their toilets look like..
Must be quite arty farty and all right?

Here we are...
Ok.. Nothing special...

Nope, not the cubicals too.
But strangely they were playing soothing Hindi music
in the bathrooms..

Some Korean art exhibits
I think they are quite crappy..

By a China artist..
Yes.. That includes the man in the foreground.

Cambodia Art Exhibits

Contemporary Traditional-Chinese Vases

This room is made by a Japanese..
No shoes allowed..
The floor boards are metal
So its really cold

You are supposed to walk through the millions of strings..

What you see is something like this
Ever-changing Vertical design patterns
That glows in different colours
while you feet is freezing..
Hur hur.. pretty cool experience!

This is by a Thai artist
Some computer generated stuff..
Its about multi-racial harmony

Kid chasing the Ibis around..
I swear, they are everywhere!

Everything in one package
Completely FREE!

So friends who are coming Brisbane,
you may wanna start plannning your itenerary by
following my blog closely..
So you have a rough idea where you wanna visit

Arrived at Annerley a bit too early
to sign my bond..

So I went to McDonalds'
Balabababa.. I'm Lovin' It!

Remember I ate Snack Wrap last Friday?
Today I'm having the Mighty Angus set meal (snall)
The burger uses Angus beef, taste kinda like cheese burger
but has onions and well.. I dunno.
Its kinda shiok, but not orgasmic-kinda shiok.

I'm Lovin' It...

Aussie Adverts are kinda lame
They're not really funny as much as they try to be
The advertising companies are really not trying hard enough
Next time I'll show you those on the public transport
about the Go! Card (cashless system)

There's this little junk shop
Where you may wanna find some antique gifts..
Kinda old school, ya know?
Like those in the movies, where you find a nice music box
or a freaky doll that walks at night - Chucky.

Some lomo shots..

Dinner was at Siam restaurant
near our place..
Its just right beside Coles

The ambience is fantastic
Ok.. I think you can relate this place to Holland Village
I live in West End, its kinda like an area in the City
where you have a lot of classy, funky, atas or cool eating places.

Wow.. Look at the Golden cutleries!

Oh yes.. Iced water are usually served in such a manner
They give u a nice big glass bottle to pour yourself
or the wait staff will serve you in a huge metal canister

Total Damage: AUD35.40 for 2 pax
Overall Rating: 9/10
Return Factor: 8/10
Other Remarks: The weirdest thing is, they have this AUS 25/annum membership card
but they only have one outlet. Who's buying it? WHO?
I don't wanna eat Thai food every week man..

more museum photographs here:


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