Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Resorts World [Coming Soon!]

Its only been a few months
since I last went to Harbour Front MRT
and wow..
Look how much it changed
I almost got lost

Me and Jonapong are here today at Harbour Front
to check out the up and coming Resort World

Ever so tempted
to push these red buttons

Here comes the monorail

Its fun to wave back at these part-time station masters
and also watch the tikopek drivers
try to tease the little girls
Ahh.. em good'o TAS days!

This is our favourite train
the new RED one
Would be fun to have one with Leopard Pweens

Welcome to Waterfront!

All the signages are up
but construction is still on-going

Its amazing
This plot of land is MASSIVE, seriously!
The architecture is not super contemporary
It has hints of Genting/Sunway Lagoon.
Ok, what I mean by contemporary is like you know..
... the new Paragon? Orchard ION?

This one looks like a building from StarCraft

This is the only water work
at the moment that actually has water inside

Ok, I really have too much pictures to caption
Just enjoy the photos

I love this wind vane torpedo-kinda-thing

Upon entering this door,
you'll find yourself at the entrance of 3 hotels
and the shopping gallery

but before that..



Very tastful, yes?

Luxury Fashion

Ok.. I forgot I took this already
Nothing to do with Chris Crocker

Brochures and Maps are ready
but I'm seriously not impressed
It looks haphazardly done up
Design is sloppy

My buddy today - Jonapong

Shops that you can find Shanghai Tang,
Coach, Victoria Secrets, Burberry, Chanel etc etc

Festive Hotel and Casino

All get on your knees now!
Singapore's very first Casino

Wow.. I like this a lot
Elephant with long legs
So cool!
Lets check out the casino.

So there's these rows of escalators
that brings you down and down and down
with columns of luminous blue lights
and animation of fishes swimming
I know what they are trying to achieve
but the results doesn't seem very ideal
Maybe its not fully completed yet

Then you have to walk about 50m
before you reach the Casino entrance
Sufficient time/distance for 赌神 (God of Gambler)
to adjust his tuxedo, gel back his hair, light his cigar,
and slow-mo his way in

Love these high ceilings
Its very nice =)

Yes, Singaporeans/PR have to pay
a levy of $100 to enter the casino

Its so cool right?
Its like EZ-link entry to the casino

I hope we don't get sloppy Genting security guards
You know how they're always listless
There was once I went to Genting Casino
and this guard stopped me and wanted to check my ID
I gave him my Casino Card with my NEW PHOTO TAKEN
I was wearing the exact same attire as in the photo
and he asked me "This is you? Spell your name"
What kinda security question is that?
He's either stupid or stupid.


As we approach Universal Studio
there was the Lost World Jurrassic Park music playing
So cool.. Its like we're entering a different world

Ladies and Gentlemen

We can't go in yet
So we're juz walking around snapping photos

There's a Hershey's Chocolate Shop

Misty Globe

Waterworks are not ready yet
But I can already visualise children playing around it

Ahh.. This is so Counterstrike

In front of Universal
there's a very big gallery with stage lightings
They're gonna have shows and performances here

Our friendly warden
who told us Hard Rock Hotel is currently fully-booked
to Chinese New Year
However, I've heard news that all rooms are out
at a promotional price of $39
Wow.. How cheap is that?

Potty Training

Could us some moisturiser

Say VS!

Festive Hotel lobby

Many yummies at Festive Hotel Lobby Cafe
Nobody ordered ice-cream
as they looked pretty untouched

Here's a look at the hotel rooms corridor
So clean! =D
But for how long?

I'm even starting to doubt they had their typhoid jabs taken

FIESTA is a restaurant
also the name of a song
I like to play on o2jam

Ahhh.. the Spa

MICE, anyone?

So Zen!

Here we are at Hard Rock Hotel
We're greeted by Hotel Staff wearing Star Trek suits
No, we do not cum in piss


Funny Malay bartender who posed for my photo

The Poolside Cafe
Its so cool
the seats are so pretty

Request to be served by Ang Puay Ling

Even the bar stools are so cool

Gene Simmons (KISS) Helmet

Ok, what happened to Sagi?

Compass Ballroom

The biggest column-less ballroom in South-East Asia

How come the guy doesn't have nipples?

Ok.. We're tired
and decided to buzz off

You may also wanna check out
the not-so-completed website

Look who I bumped into - FEN NI
who just came out from TAS
She even closed her mouth for my pic
Credits to Jonapong for this picture

Lets call Resort World - Genting Number 2

More photos at

Before I forget
Here's a little special treat

Note the similarities
Pure Coincidence

This commercial is great..
Check it out! =D
Russian car insurance office camouflage

watch video here

coming up next..
- Canopy Cafe
- Ippudo Singapore

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