Wednesday, February 10, 2010

K810i Updates [10 Feb 2010]

Today we're at
Aroy-Dee Thai Cafe

Their menu is kinda like those
you find at Golden Mile
Perhaps this is "thai-style"
There's this little boy icon beside some dishes
My good guess is they are chef's recommendation

A Chinese National wait staff came to take our order
Yes our diners today are - Bao Bao

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Chen

Edwin and myself - KING MING

We ordered some Thai Coffee and Thai Tea
The coffee tasted pretty ordinary
but the Thai tea is quite interesting
Its redish in colour and taste like earl grey with milk

Egg Omelette

Fried Squid

Kang Kong

Tom Yum Soup
We ordered less spicy
but its still too damn spicy
T_T we are wimpy
however, it was damn shiok

Stir-fried Chicken
As you can see most of the dishes
are kinda like our Chinese 煮炒

Total Damage: Around $47 for 5 pax

General Ratings
Food Quality: 8/10
Food Portion Size: 9/10
Value for Money: 10/10
Beverage Quality: 9/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 7/10
Return Factor: 9/10
Other Remarks: Very value for money, quite tasty too! =)
I have no issues other than the ants and flies, and the dust from the road.

chaplin busker

I forgot to mosiac my birth year!
Anyways I went for the H1N1 vaccination
I think I'm immune
but my mum keeps bugging me everyday

Total Damage: $27 for 1 pax
Lasts: 1 year
Injection Quality: 9/10
Return Factor: 7/10
Side Effect: Day-long Giddiness
Other Remarks: I've heard so much about pregnant/aged women dying from this jab. Friend's mother having a month long fever and cough as side effects, but I'm still alive. Sian..


Koufu in the making..

Went to check out some books
in the book store
I'm quite a nerd actually
I enjoy shopping for books and groceries

Ahh.. This is great
But I doubt I will need it
I'm not damn fuckin' PRO
but I think photography is about
self-exploration with a bit of guidance, no?

Kbox Ehub Smoking Room
Memories of Kane the Malaccan

Water Chestnut at Pasir Ris
Memories of Mr. Rabbit and Vespa Bobby
See I actually have a very good memory

Anyways noticed there are star signs design on the table
Edwin thought they were gang signs
Oh my god, almighty!
Jonapong, please laugh at him when I'm gone.

Always wanted a Pull and Bear scarf
but I din bring enough money
So no scarf for KING MING

I'm always telling Edwin

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