Friday, February 19, 2010


Had a reunion dinner before I leave for the airport

Terminal 1

Arwen and Pok came to send me off

Thank you everyone who came
Candy Mak, Benji, Baobao, Queen Faith, Pok, James, Arwen, Adrian

Thank you thank you

And for the gift
I rip off a bit and saw Tony Tony Chopper
Hahaha.. will post picture soon

Dunno where she looking

Sipeh Royal
Anyways we saw Felicia Chin at the airport
She damn pretty

And off we go..

to Brisbane!

I feel like a CYA
Anyways I bought a carton of ciggies
DFS selling Marlboro Reds $18/- only

Jiajin's iphone pretending to be a chocolate

Anyways it was a torturous, cramp, dreadfully long flight

The food tasted like shit

The air steward forgot to give me my main course
(Beef Curry Rice)

Even after my coffee is served

And everyone finished their meals

and I couldn't sleep
I think I'm scared of cramp places

Never ending flight
Sipeh sian...

I always wanted to suck someone down the plane toilet bowl

Filling in the arrival card

Breakfast on flight

The last show I watched was Simpsons Halloween
or was it District 9? Or was it Zombie Land?
I don't even remember..


It was a massive queue
It took us about 30min to clear the customs
hords and hords of people

There were so many no-smoking signs
all over the place, but so many smokers nearby

The taxi uncle was kinda retarded
he kept mumbling
and i din understand a word he was trying to say

The distance is about from Changi Airport to well.. Bedok?
But the fare is AUS$44 - What Life?

Here's where I'm gonna stay for a few days
till I find my own apartment

Roads here are so wide
and buildings are so short
After living in Singapore for so long
I almost forgot the sky is actually one piece

We had to take a bus to a terminal kinda place

Hmm.. I think this terminal is call Master Hill
Jiajin went to school, so I crossed the road
and tried to figure my way to school

with the help of the friendly bus driver dude

Waiting to transfer to yet another bus

Finally we arrive at Nathan Campus
I thought I was quite power to be able to find my way there alone
in a strange unfamiliar place far away from home

Their dustbins comes with small ash tray compartments

Receive my enrolment package
Later did my Student Card

Was hungry so went to grab a bite

Ham, Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Long Black

The toilet urinals were quite tall
My dick was almost touching it

Some orientation crap

I went to City
to do up my bank account with Commonwealth Bank
anybody wanna transfer money to me?
I give you my client number.

Something familiar - 7Eleven
Went to buy my EZ-link card, here we call it Go Card
Go-kart? Yes.. Go Card!

Ahhh.. Krispy Kreme
Today I fly..

Right next door
there was this sushi shop that has horribly long queues
There's a sushi craze now in Brisbane
Anyways this shop sells really tasty sushi(s)
You'll see when I visit again tonight

Why Hungry Jack?
If I were to order a BK Broiler,
do you wanna call it a HJ Broiler?

Found Cotton On
The stuff they have seems to be better than those in Singapore

This is a casino

Haha.. Disgusting people in Brisbane?

Then I was trying to make my way home
and I got lost

Its really a fine place
People queue up and get onto the buses patiently and slowly
in a very orderly manner
No one wants to cut your queue
or are bothered if anyone cuts their queue

We had our dinner here at

Its chinese/vietnamese food

We decided to eat Chup Chai Peng

Total Damage: AUD5.80 per pax

Went to Coles Supermarket

They got huge bananas
No wonder Hope is so happy

They have this self-scan check out
to cut down long queues

What you do is just scan your food item
with the bar code provided

Then make your payments
by inserting notes/coins/nets/credit cards
But this cannot be implemented in Singapore unfortunately
We are too dishonest

There was a petition for same sex marriage

Borders and Starbucks

I always thought their arcade was out-dated
but they actually had Tekken6 and StreetFighterIV

Then we went to the Sushi Shop

Decided to try their Fresh Salmon Sushi (Raw)

Wow.. It was so juicy and fresh
Goodness! AUD 2.20 per piece
Taste heavenly!

Home Sweet Home

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i love your akihabara shirt!!!
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