Thursday, February 18, 2010

DEPARTURE - 18 Feb 2010 (Thursday)

By the time this is published
I'm already on QF 52 heading Brisbane
Its finally time for me to leave Singapore
Thanks to all who sent me off =)

- less frequent post updates
- changed theme to My Demon In Brisbane
- would like to do more videos based in Brisbane (Actually I.. Brisbane?)
- will be featuring Aussie food
- your favourite comic characters in will be speaking in Aussie accent
- no more DotA printscreens cos Aussie network sucks

Goes out to everyone who gave me a farewell party/dinner/outing
and trying to fulfill my last wishes and bits of memories of Singapore
All who wished me well, bon voyage etc etc
To name a few - Nuffnang Singapore, Pong Pong Club, Panthers/Animal Farm, OPHIX, Candy Yeo, Baobao and Adrian Rabbit, 492 Ballers, Queen Faith, Benji, Edwin Goh and Shermaine Teng, Jonapong, Kai, Daphne Lao Shi, Jaz etc etc
If I missed out your names/groups, I'm sorry I'm in a rush to pack my handcarry.
Thank you.

Goes out to those who I have did wrong to. You all know who you are.
All the things I failed to fulfil, all the justice I did not stood up for.
All the wrong I did not right. All the hell I could, but did not prevent.
All the funerals I did not attend. All the gatherings/parties/outings I did not attend.
All who couldn't forgive me.
My deepest apologies, I'm sorry.


1000 rise and shine

1005 coffee, cigarettes, facebook
1020 kicked in the buttocks by Jaz

1025 Counterstrike + O2Jam
1100 Breakfast (2pc fried tofu)
1200 Bathe

1300 Listen to CLASS 95

1320 Went to Bedok North to eat with Baobao

1330 Fishball Noodles
Its super tasty, the fishballs are soft and fresh, fish cakes are delicious
And the weird ass thing is they use an electronic touch-screen POS
Sorry, no time to do a review for HungryGoWhere!
Return Factor: 10/10
Total Damage: $3

1340 Sugar Cane Juice + Lemon

Yep.. This is the stall
The fishball kia is really quite young, around 19yr old?
Anyways initially I wanted to eat Oyster Omelette
but the stall I was looking for is closed or moved
Also, most stalls were not opened

Time sure flies.. It does..
Though it seems so yesterday

1440 Wanted to buy ice-cream at 7Eleven
But changed my mind in the very last min

3 years ago, I said - LOVE IS PAIN

Today I said - WITH MY WINGS I FLY

Post Script
For those who are still clueless on
what all these farewell thingamagik is about,
I'm actually going Brisbane for a week-long vacation
Goodbye Singapore!