Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It was Lunar New Year Day 03
and 坏蛋小孩 can't wait to greet me
a happy and prosperous new year!

So here I am at 凤山寺 (Kembangan)

To see Hugo and Dundee before I leave..
A little introduction, they used to belong to the government
but they retired, so the temple people were kind enough
to adopt them
Ok.. shall not disclose too much information

Dundee looks quite scared to see me at first..

and he was so thirsty
Poor dog dog..

Hugo was juz stoning around
It was boring life for them
Always chained up in their small area
with minimal moving space

But I guess thats retired life all about

See how depressed Hugo looks

Dundee frowning..

Next stop, Ken's house.

He made coffee for me
with his new coffee machine

Its quite tasty
and extremely convenient and clean
cool technology

This is the long queue Pineapple Bak Kuah
Frankly speaking I can't really taste the pineapple
But this is what business is about - Innovation

Buddies since 1990

This is the life-size Thrall
I have been talking about
Its taller than me

Durian 年糕 (New Year Cake)

Next stop is Adrian Rabbit's house

They got a free renovation
from the government
Gonna ROM in June
Congrats! =D

Quick Lunch near his place

Then Adrian said he wanted to see the dogs
so we went back to 凤山寺

Are the dogs overjoyed
They have so many visitors today..

And we didn't come empty-handed
Wow.. and it writes - Homestyle! =D
Looks delicious right?
Smells really tasty.

Adrian was in-charge of distributing the food
I don't think he is a very fair person

Doggies enjoying the Chinese New Year Treat!

Hugo looks more awake now!

While old fart, Dundee is looking forward
to an after lunch nap..

Ok.. Hugo seems a bit too awake now..

We brought him to poo-poo
at the backyard..

Then they went back to their
statue-postures and watches time pass..

Dinner is at my favourite Ramen place

The Japanese words on the menu reads
It means dandelions
Thats the name of the establishment
To date, they have 2 restaurants
One at Takashimaya basement
the other one at Liang Court

There are 2 kinds of Ramen to choose from
1. The Kyushu Ramen
which uses pork bone soup
and their noodles are thin and hard

2. Hokkaido Ramen
which uses the pork and chicken bone soup
with thick and chewy noodles made with special Hokkaido flour

Also, you may replace your Normal BBQ Pork
with Kurobuta (Black Pig) at an additional $2

Delux Miso Ramen
(upgrade to Black Pig +$2)
This is one of the Hokkaido Ramen
The soup is VERY thick and tasty
you can taste some seafood flavor inside the soup
Probably also from the seaweed

Rich Shoyu Ramen
(upgrade to Black Pig +2, additional Tasty Egg +$1.80)
The soup has a rich taste of
good quality soya sauce fragrance
This is one of the places where I actually finishes
the soup to the last drop
Once you've eaten here, you'll never go back to Ajisen!

The noodles are chewy
and are absolutely delicious to eat
with the superb soup
Also the black pig is definitely more fragrant
compared to the normal BBQ Pork

This is the kinda egg I was talking about
If you have read my previous entry at Ippudo
Everyone open your eyes
1. The egg yolk is ORANGE/RED
2. The yolk is soft and runny
3. The egg white is very very tender

Total Damage: $41.10 for 2 pax

General Ratings
Food Quality: 10/10
Food Portion: 10/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Remarks: My rating of 10/10 is for the ramen only. The previous time I went there, I wasn't impressed with their bento sets and pork katsu stuff.

After dinner, went to Pull and Bear
to get my scarf..

Last stop was Benji's house

Helped him to take some shots
for his project/assignment

Something about ghosts..
Hahah.. It was fun
and he made us Bubble Tea

Anyways I'm leaving Singapore tomorrow night
Terminal 1 QF-52 9pm
No cry-babies allowed at send-off


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