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CHINESE NEW YEAR [day 00 - day01]

First of all
No, I changed my mind.
Fuck V-day! I hate V-day! Its shit-poop..

Anyways met up with some of the Animal Farm members
to makan the famous Katong Laksa
This is one of the things I wanna eat before I leave..

Diners today - Jiajin and his Taiwanese girlfriend - Winnie

Stinky goat, Zhiyang and Pok

Junwen and of course - KING MING

We're here today at 328 Laksa
Many many years back there was a Laksa War here
because there were 2 rival Laksa stalls
which shop fronts facing each other
claiming to be the "Original" Katong Laksa..
Nobody won, cos I am the original Katong Laska.
Anyhows we were here cos the other one wasn't open
so we didn't have to choose, toss coin or vote.

Anyways the Laksa here is pretty fantastic
There's a different eating culture to it
We used only a spoon, no chopstick!
The Laksa soup is tasty and creamy
deliciously just the right thickness.
With sufficient prawns and clams in it.
Tasty! =D

Wanted to eat their Otah (Spicy Fish Cake)
but the otah seller was away for CNY break

Total Damage: $3.50 per pax

[General Ratings]
Food Quality: 10/10
Food Portion: 7/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Beverage Quality: 8/10 (Home-madeBarley)
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 7/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Remarks: nil

This is my dad's shop
He came back to do some Spring Cleaning
Its at Katong Shopping Center
This shop is older than me

People I'll definitely miss..

We drove past our secondary school,
CCHSm (Chung Cheng main) to take a look

Were denied entry
So I took a picture from the outside
Beautiful school, as always...

My dad hogging my laptop
webcam chatting with his old fart overseas relatives
I was telling my sister its a bad idea to on my Skype
during Chinese New Year period
They talk for hours about moles, ghosts etc

Received my ang baos from my parents
In Chinese culture, children stay awake during New Year's eve
so that their parents can enjoy longevity
In return, the following morning, the parents give their children
red packets of money (aka 压岁钱)
so that the children won't die early

It writes "Welcoming Spring, Receiving Good Luck'

Some of the new year goodies
for guests to enjoy during house visits

Chinese hang auspicious words upside down
because upside-down in mandarin has the same
sound as "arrival"
So this means - Arrival of Good Luck

Mandarin Oranges were exchanged in pairs
because Chinese believe that good things come in pairs! =)

There he go again..
And the weirdest thing is all these relatives look alike

Something refreshing - Jocelyn Kau
she's the sacks!

On the same issue of FHM
Wolverine working out - pretty cute

Some things I never throw away
Ticket stubs from the long-gone Princess Cinema

Now, join me for an adverture of treasure hunting!
(or you may prefer to call it - going thru junk)

Notes I prepared with coloured ink pens
It tells me I wasn't studying alone
cos I never had coloured pens
They're GAY! And only for girls!

This is also why I hate doing Spring Cleaning
Haven done it for 2-3 years
I just dump everything visible into huge boxes of "time capsules"
cos I know I will find a lot of things that I couldn't bear to throw
Those readers who have been following me
from blog to blog, for years
will know that I keep all sorts of weird things
such as used tissue paper, hair, cigarette boxes, faded receipts..
and of cos lots of Fiona Xie news articles and magazines

I'm actually a sentimental person
behind the rock-hard heartless front

Ah Gun's election poster
Last year we saw 148's mini flyer, yes?

More notes that reminded me
I was not alone..

No prize for guessing who Da Tou is

Doing project with Guanzuo was whore-shit chore
More later...

Mr. Gui, one of the most uncle-ish teenager
I've ever seen in my friggin life


Stupid dog Suki
always chewing my plastic basket when I wasn't watching

My renowned cigarette boxes collection
I intended to make a
"Tower of Death" out of it before I leave
Guess there's no chance left
I've easily few thousand of these empty boxes

My storyboard for Actually I.. [part 9]
Yes, the video that appeared on local newspapers and magazines
and no, I quit making video
the director in me is dead..

watch Actually I.. [part 9] here

Who else remembered Jupiter Cafe
from Design School..
Fish n' Chips, yes?

A rusty pistol shell
and emblem for the elites
We call it - D.A.R.T

First dish of the Reunion Dinner is 鱼生 (Yu Sheng)
We mix the goodies up and toss them like mad people
All these ingredients have a special meaning to Chinese
for example, raw fish means there will be remainders every year
crackers symbolises gold bars, honey means sweet endings etc etc

Shark Fins' Soup

Sweet and Soup Garoupa
(I think)

Hot Pot Sea Cucumber

Pumpkin Sauce Prawns

Yam Basket

Cereal Long Beans

Picture of me and Pok

Wow.. Year 2007 form
I think not wrong this is MOHAWK

I like to prepare my own notes, assignments
and leave little watermarkings at the end of it
such as this..

Was given a fine of $200 by NEA
for throwing a cigarette butt at Eunos MRT
Note the date: 08/08/08

This looks like Dolyce's handwriting
Stupid bitch!

WTF is this?
Yes, its on my lecture notes..

My A3 election poster
I remember distribuing one to someone
who pasted it on her bedroom wall
and her parents asked "Who is that?"

I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson
not wrong this was given to me by
my primary school classmate - Shu Hui

Conversation log with Zhiyang

I used to print copies of my FIRST blog
so that many years later I can go back and read them
and laugh at how young I was..
But now, when I read it
I only hope I used the ENTER button more often

My Motorcycle Riding Book
I was "black-marked" for speeding inside the circuit
Damn SSDC! Damn you!

My baby girl, Tasha!

I found a SAJC year book
I didn't know how and why its there
Later I realised my JC crush's photo was there

I found lots of little notes written on receipts
and some cards and all from Dolyce, Jean Tan, Simin-dono etc etc
I may look like I dun give a shit about these notes
but I actually do keep every single on of them

Ops Lionheart - for the Lionhearts

A card from my Malaysian friend
whom I met at a SPH youth exchange program
who later became a girl band singer

My junk are actually historical evidence
See, now we all knew Luge was opened in the year 2005

I always receive "GOOD WORK" during NS
when the officers check our note book
for learning progress reports
cos I'm the only one who is attentive
and take down notes and illustrations
Actually the truth is - thats the only way to keep me awake

I used to do some shady business, yes
But who the hell watches DVDs now?
Its either Blue Ray or BT Download or Online Streaming

I love to cheat in games
ALL GAMES, whichever has a cheat
I'll use it.

My baby girl in Phuket

A war between me and my sergeants
This was a complain letter to my officer
an impetus for a charge order
They never knew I had all these inside information
but that doesn't mean I had the upperhand

A beautiful essay..

Readiness is your only Protection

A death certificate of my relative

A Fireman's Prayer
Its a poem that was pasted on our camp wall
to remind ourselves, the importance of our victim's lives
and how great our job is

I joined TP when I was 18 years old
and graduated when I was 18 years old
Someone please tell me I'm a genius!

I found this piece of paper
I thought someone gave it to me
When I opened it, I actually wrote it
to reject some girl
But I never got the chance to give it to her

From my dearest Ah Na

Good money from MediaCorp Publishing
after I left SPH

A key to my heart

Kai's old name card
I thought it was pretty cool

Evidence of Guanzuo being a sloppy
project mate, the team had to let him sign a contract

A wonderful concert I went to..

Evidence that Adrian Mr. Rabbit is mentally unsound
Actually not, it is a very advanced technique to "geng" MC

My CYA Handbook..
Gone were the days..
.. so many in common

Gossipping in class
in the form of writing

This is actually for Jean Chin
A lecture note from RHT
to show her what I used to learn
Stupid stats #@%$@%^$#^#

One last one for memories sake..

OMG now they are selling Grace in packets

Ok I'm a swakoo..
I didn't know that Xando sells these instant food in 7 Elevens
I'll never eat something that looks
too much like army ration.

Ok.. Happy New Year! =D

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