Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canopy Cafe [Marina Bay Golf Club]

We're here today at
Marina Gay Golf Course

This is the only 18-hole golf course in Singapore
that is opened to public

We'll be dining at Canopy Cafe
For those who are familiar with Golf Courses
Yes.. Beware of Bird Droppings!

The scenery is AMAZING!
Seriously, gives me a hard-on
everytime I sit back and just look into the horizon

As you can see the table is actually tilt-ed due to my erection
Ok.. I'm just kidding
Lets look at the menu..

The service staff were not so attentive
You need to wave like a mad man
before they notice you need assistance

Yes the menu
Its very well organised according to the catagories
with good pictures to illustrate
However, not very impressed by
its resemblance to my secondary school portfolio

The varities are pretty good
comes with a Japanese menu at the back of it

The cafe oversees a golf course on one side
and the flyer on the other
very scenic and relaxing
Yes, birds alert!
Whenever a table of guests leaves, birds flock to enjoy their leftovers
However its good that there weren't bird poo stains around

IBC Root Beer
5-stars for serving it in a chilled glass

Silverware were clean
However not dried
and has water stains

Salted Fish Fried Rice
Rice is soft and fluffy
taste pretty good
but has a wok-carbon taste

Claypot Beef Hor Fun
Hor Fun does not stick together
Pretty tasty, but the black bean gravy
can be thicker and more robust

Salt and Pepper Squid Chunk
This would be fantastic
if it were to go with beer!
Salty yes, Peppery not at all

Tori Kara Age
Ordered this from the Japanese menu
Its pretty good
crispy fried chicken, tender on the insides

Edwin Goh
RM 8.00
Taste very Ipoh-ish
Do not order this

Grilled Salmon with Orange Sauce
Pretty to look at, interesting taste
The salmon is very tasty on the left
but on the right end, its a bit tough
Mash is fresh and salad is dressed with balsamic vinegar
most importantly, there is arugula =D

Mongolian Chicken Rice
Edwin says that the rice is too dry
but the greens are fresh and delicious

Salmon nigiri sushi is one dish
that Japanese restaurants can't get it wrong
However, the salmon was not fresh
despite it being beautifully sliced and plated

Lets watch the sunset into the horizon..

Its awesome..
You kinda sink into the sunset
Its like a vacuum cleaner sucking u in
suck suck suck suck suck suck.. suck..

Cold Cheng Teng
Its awesome! =D
Just the right sweetness and mouth-fuls of ingredients

Sea Coconut
This can't go wrong
For a bonus, it has longans

Ice Jelly
Not sweet enough
Jelly has the right softness/chewy-ness
"Jelly... Whats the problem?"

I would say this is a great place to dine and un-wind
for a relaxing evening..

The night scene at Marina Bay Golf Club

Total Damage: $89.05 for 4 pax

General Ratings
Food Quality: 8/10
Food Portion Size: 9/10
Value for Money: 10/10
Beverage Quality: 9/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 100/10
Return Factor: 10/10
Other Remarks: We noticed that the service is not impressive until a very feminine male Indian staff is on shift. He is passionate, positive to serve and gives good eye contact to guests.

Next we went to have a after-dinner coffee
at IKEA Tampines

My 欠打 Face

This Ah Pong ate 3 packets of the milk packet
He's gonna get diabetic soon

My 看什么 Face

Ok, I was trying to do a RAWL!


Edwin never looked so handsome
with his face covered by my sexy camera




Cute Doggy in a Basket



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