Saturday, February 27, 2010

Brisbane - Day 08 (Saturday)

Vlog today..

This is one of my school's campus
Noticed the electric box in the foreground
I mentioned earlier that they come in different cool designs

Anyways today we're heading to
East Coast Park for a morning BBQ

These people think they own the road
They stopped in the middle of the pedestrian crossing
to look at the iphone..

So Shangri-La!
Man-made beaches..

Actually these are just reclaimed beaches from the river
Its actually fresh water

These seagulls try to scare the women
into surrendering her baby food

Ok.. truth reveals
We're at Garden City for SSA Welcome BBQ

Richard, the camera expert

I have no idea who this guy is
I can't even pronounce his name for a start

Mee Goreng! Awesomeness
credit: Chef Jeremy

Singapore Students Association (QUT)

The committee makes a speech
to welcome all the new birds

Ok.. Its not really a BBQ that you may be thinking of
Its more like a grill in the park
There's no charcoal involved
Its kinda like electrical sorta gadget
(as explained in my vlog embeded above)

Group photo time!

My housemate, Carol
from KL

Motherbitch, Fiona Chang

Jean and J.K.

Oh yeaaaahhh...

Jay taking a photo for the ladies
with his DIANA lomo camera..

Say cheese!~~

More Ibis trying to steal our food

Happily married

Hey chi-lese, you forgot to say "cheese"

Cleaning up the mess..

Quite a relaxing place for you to juz sit back
after a busy week of school/work

Strangely there's a Confucius statue here

Little family picnics and barbeques

Yea.. this is how the pits work
You juz press the red button
and the thing heats up by itself
thats when you start grilling your food..

On our way home
by foot..



I realised that a lot of public toilets here have these
syringe disposal services for the drug addicts

Finally I visited McDonalds'

Had my dinner, so I din eat the Angus Beef
Instead had a Snack Wrap
recommended by my new Jewish friend, David

After that it was Mahjong time..

Ok, most of you should know that I quit gambling (sorta)
So I watched television
Channel Seven was showing this
Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss
Loads of nudity and sex scenes.. Goodness..

It was chill time for the rest of us
who didn't play mahjong

The big winner today was - ERIC

Special thanks to Jean for the hospitality!
The next house is having some house party,
its already 12.43am! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
I want to sleep already..

P/S: Photos taken with iPhone Hipstamatic


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Tan Huey An said...

hey that camera looks like the same one I tried way ack during christmas.. diana...