Friday, February 26, 2010

Brisbane - Day 07

Sushi is the "in" thing here now
so its easily available in Brisbane City
I decided to try another outlet today
Yea.. Taste pretty good too!
And its just beside my 199 bus stop.

Went to school, after that went to collect
my Commonwealth bank card
Decided to start another account with NAB
After that went to ANZ, but its too packed
So I went home, did some cleaning up
and went to activate my bank cards

Today I'm bringing you to

The establishment sits itself comfortably
in the corner bend of Boundary Street

The theme is sorta African Tribal
With beautiful designs and display ornaments

Some Asian stuff lying here and there
Yes.. The Buddha
and some Middle Eastern carpets
Its kinda like a fusion between Kenya and Arab

Apple Pie
AUD 7.30
Portion size is scary.
Do share it with a friend. I can barely finish it.
Its really tasty and fresh.
Comes warm with honey drizzle and whipped cream

Flat White
AUD 3.20
Small cuppa rich aromatic espresso coffee
I know most of my readers belongs to the "Frapp Generation"
So I dun think I wanna give tasting tips here.
In short, yea great coffee!

Boundary Street in da house!

An old calendar on the wall
that doesn't update from November..

The Brisbane Flyer

Here there're clubbing on the boat
Gigs, strip parties etc etc
Pretty lively

We went to take a boat ride
Its kinda like a normal public transport
to get to places around the river
You use your Go! Card (EZ Link) like when you take a bus

The ferry man engages the boat to the jetty

Pretty cool right?
So romantic.. =D

It has ferry stops like bus stops


Enjoying the river breeze

Jellyfish Restaurant

Jade Buddha
one of the restaurant/clubs

Looks very touristy

German Sausage booth
The vendor totally ignored my presence

But I still got mine after a while
German Sausage with Onions
AUD 4.50

Then we went to take a peek at the casino
The bouncer/security had a black eye
They're usually drunk on Friday nights - Everyone!
Anyways it was too crowded so we din play any games..
Min bettings are around AUD 25 for Blackjack
Has its drinks dispenser machines

Ok.. Have a great weekend!
I'ma be waltzing ma matilda~~


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