Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brisbane - Day 06

Went to Krispy Kreme to wait for my tour guide today
cos school doesn't start till next week
If I dun have admin stuff to settle, I'm juz bumming

So here I am playing TAPOUT on my iphone
Its this puzzle game
where you're supposed to shift the boats
in such a way that you can escape

Until tour guide, Rachel arrived..
First I have to test her Mandarin
to see if she's authentic Singaporean - FAIL!

Anyway she got this cool device from school
Its this remote control
where you vote your response..

Example, the lecturer asks the class
"Do you think the answer is A, B, C, D or none of the above?"
The students will start pushing the buttons
to submit their answers
which will be reviewed in the projector/system.

So here we are at Kevin Grove
Carraway Pier

Kid's Fish and Chips Meal
Anyway the ketchup is AUD 1.00

Video games ruined my life
Good thing I have two extra lives

I had Crumbled dunno-what fish and chips
plus a drink, costs me AUD 15
Mother hell, it was tasty!
The caesar salad is fantastic, fish is fresh and tasty, fries are excellent!
Non-frozen for sure
I asked the staff to recommend, anyway it was 2 different fish
you get to choose them
I can only tell that one is Dory
the other one I din ask

See from the menu
Different fish are priced differently
You can choose your fish to be crumbled, battered or grilled

Ibis roaming the streets everywhere..

I am a tourist!


Next stop - University of Queensland
better known as UQ

Yea I know..
Totally different class from my school T_T

Its a fantastically large school

Memorial for Steve Irwing?

Yea.. It looks haunted
Or where SAW was filmed

Knn.. confirm got ghost!

Met up with some friends there..

The Pinoy and Hong Konger
teaching the stiff Singaporean how to lock

And we watched Mychonny for a while

UQ is a self-contained island by itself
Kinda like Sentosa, ya know?


They have their own eateries
SUBWAY too.. Damnit!

Lil ducklings...
Ok, by now you should know I'm too tired to caption
Its like 2am

Soft and Cuddly

No, its not Jurong Bird Park

A lot of birds here are pretty gay
They are always lovey dovey
and move around in pairs
What life? Not romantic at all!
You all are food, hello?

Jurrasic Park?

Constipated face

Lots of couples lovey dovey, touchy touchy
under the trees on the grass
I dunno.. Get a room!

Some Pizza Caffe
that has a great scenery!
This place is for the rich kids...

I swear if some Aussie does a
he/she will make it big

Next we went to Cue City

Pool/Billiards are all AUD 16 per hour
This is a Korean establishment
There are lots of Koreans here
and look at the table behind
They're playing some sorta weird game
There's only 2 cue balls and 2 red balls
Each player is supposed to hit both red balls
on one cue without touching the opponent's cue ball
Get it?
Doesn't sound fun, but sure is challenging

Tony Tony Chopper

Golden Casket
They have a lot of fun scratch-and-wins

Mentos, anyone?
Only available here
Its chewing gum
AUD 2.20

Thats all for today's tour
A round of appaulse for our tour guide - Rachel

This queue extends a good 100m
They are getting onto the free shutter to ACDC's concert

Went to Coles again and bought these:
1. Lamb Fore Quarter Chops AUD 5.20
2. Mildura Dairy Drink AUD 2.00

I am cooking mama!

No la, its not my lamb chops
I stole Jiajin's steak and made these
Pretty awesome, but overcooked

Nipples censored for privacy..

This is 0604433C,
I mean 2751498
Have a good day, everyone!
*click click*


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