Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brisbane - day 06

Vlog for today..

I see a lot of giant spiders
on my way to school
in my school
If you were to ask me where Spiderman came from
I would say - Brisbane City

Brisbane's solution to vandalism, too
is to spray them black
Alike Singapore - ugly!

Ibis running around the city freely
You are not allowed to attack them
cos they are protected birds
Jiajin hates them though..

Ok Jonapong, upon request
Here are more photos of my school
We're kinda having an orientation week
Sexy girls giving out Red Bull

Sugar Free Red Bull
Taste horrible~~ I would prefer the original anytime.
Maybe this is for the ladies.

The sipeh ji-hong (very horny) clown
going around chatting girls up..

Selling food and stuff
Fried noodles, sausages and bottles drinks

My school is kinda cute
You can rent the Wii remote control (free!)
from the library counter and play there.
Its kinda like an exercise.. You know?

Anyways I received a PM on facebook
from a senior today
telling me its SO SO SO SO rare to see a Singaporean in Griffith
He has been there for 4 years and
the population of Singaporeans combined from South Bank, Mt. Gravatt and Nathan
has always been less than 5
The best part is that I came alone..

For that reason, there was no Singaporean Association here
While the Koreans flourished
Kimchi King Kang Kong!
And of course the PRCs, they're everywhere
overflowing from mainland.

Happening? Yes.. Maybe~~

Thats Hong Kong Association, kinda like a triad.

Lovely voices that filled the campus

Anyway my objective today is to
look for Dr. Anoop Patiar,
my course consultant..
Yes.. Indian.

The water cooler at Business School are kinda like UFOs.

Doing my enrolement again
Yes.. A lot of problems
And emails takes forever and forever to be replied
Perhaps I'm just too used to Singapore's efficiency

Double-checked the bus stops
I swear I keep going to the wrong ones
Hopping onto wrong buses

Most people thanked the driver
before they alight.. Its pretty cool!
Unlike in Singapore, where SBS drivers get scolded
especially in Tampines..

Back to the city..
Back to home..

I was at the 3 store
Check out the girl working there (second from bottom right)
She's damn pretty! Super duper!
Celebrity standard.

I'm gonna punch whoever told me Brisbane is safe
I swear..

I always feel calm here..

Everyone was in the cooking mood today
I have no idea why..
Johnny cooked some spring onions beef rice bento
for his night class. Really tasty.

For me.. Solo + Lamb Kebabs

Meanwhile guess who made Steak
Yummaye Yummaye!

Of course, our fat optician
Jiajin.. I got to steal some bites too! =D

Johnny left his bento at home
Hahha.. poor thing.

While Carol made Herbal Chicken Soup
for her boyfriend..
Its still brewing in the kitchen overnight.

But being the most handsome guy in the house
I get one bowl!
Beri beri tasty =d
Herbs flowed all the way from KL


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